Stein’s Girl Ch. 04

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Double Penetration

Stein’s Girl: 4 – Room Service

“In other news tonight, what was at first to be a drunk driving fatality is now being investigated as a possible suicide, though police have not yet ruled out other possibilities. Melissa Stuart, mother of two, was pronounced dead at the scene when her vehicle veered off the interstate and into a concrete wall earlier today. Melissa’s husband protests that his wife didn’t drink and would never have killed herself, stating that she had been looking forward to a planned date this evening. Melissa’s employer, Dr. Stein of the Riverfront Clinic, a provider of cosmetic surgeries, says that Melissa never showed up for work this morning. In Baseball today . . .”

The television droned on, its bright rays the sole illumination in the room, but Angelique was not paying much attention to it other than to notice that she dimly recognized Melissa from somewhere, though she could not think where. Thought was, in fact, beginning to become difficult and she knew that she was going to need sex again and soon.

Angelique looked over at the adjoining double bed where Kat lay nude and completely asleep, exhausted from both physical and mental turmoil. They had checked into the Woodyshire Hotel and had almost immediately entered into a protracted period of sexual activity. Angelique had brought Kat to orgasm after orgasm until at last Kat had collapsed exhausted. That had been forty minutes ago and now Angelique was beginning to feel the growth of the desire that had ruled her since her awakening earlier in the day. She was in no sense tired and it was clear that Kat was not going to be able to service her every hour for the rest of the night. As she struggled to think through the problem, Angelique slowly stroked her wet pussy. This did nothing to ease the problem. At last, several minutes later, she determined that she would need someone else and she was not going to find that someone if she continued sitting on the edge of her bed looking at the slim slumbering woman on the other bed while playing with herself.

Standing up, Angelique casually clothed herself in a heavy bath robe taken from the closet. She had just enough presence to grab the electronic key card off of the desk by the television cabinet and stuff it in the pocket of her bath robe. That was about the end of her ability to think clearly. When Angelique tried the door, it opened up only part of the way and then stuck. Confused she tried again. Still it would not open. It was then that she noticed that Kat had apparently latched the door after they had entered the room. Angelique’s brain struggled with this problem for some few minutes before she figured out how to unlatch it. After a moment of fumbling with the flip style latch, she successfully opened the door and left the room, searching for a new lover.

The hall outside was empty when Angelique stepped out of her room and looked around. The thick carpet felt good on her feet and she took a moment enjoying the sensation it provided her. Her room was located at the end of one hall. The entrance to the stairwell was across from her door. Pondering the situation as best as she was able she decided to go right, towards the main hall and the elevators. As she walked, she massaged her left breast, playing with her nipple. The bath robe flapped open as she walked but she did not even consider closing it.

There was a young man and woman standing outside one of the doors in the main hallway. They were some distance away from Angelique, the young man working to open their hotel door.

“Holy shit!” said the young woman, seeing the nearly naked Angelique. diyarbakır escort The young man with her, her husband, looked up. Seeing Angelique, he shook his head.

“Get a room,” yelled the man angrily and then as their door clicked open, both of them hurried through it, obviously embarrassed. Angelique however was beyond embarrassment. There was no-one else in the hallway and her mental condition was deteriorating fast. The vending machine alcove was just to her left and she stumbled inside it and leaned against the soda machine. Her left hand slid into her wet pussy and she slowly rubbed her clit with her thumb and forefinger. As she rubbed, she moaned from the pleasure. It was not enough but it was all she had at the moment.


“You won’t believe this,” said Frank, hanging up the front desk phone, “some crazy bitch is naked on the fourth floor in the vending machine cove. She’s apparently making quite a racket.”

Joanne shook her head. There was always something.

“Want me to deal with it,” Frank asked.

“No, if it’s a woman, I’ll take it. You can handle any crazy naked men.”

“Thanks a lot,” said Frank sarcastically. He handed her a walkie talkie “Give me a buzz if you think I’ll need to call the cops.”

“Don’t try teaching your grandmother to suck eggs,” quipped Joanne. She had been the one who had trained Frank and lately he seemed to think he was the hotel manager.

“What?” Frank had never heard the phrase before.

“Never mind,” said Joanne, “Hold down the fort until I get back. Hopefully she just had one too many to drink.” She stood up from her seat behind the desk and started towards the elevators.

As she walked away Frank commented, “Bet you its one of the two women from 432. They looked a little out of it when I checked them in.”

Without responding, Joanne turned a corner and stopping in front of the elevators, she hit the up button. Almost immediately the bell chimed and one of the three elevator doors opened. Moments later she was stepping out onto the fourth floor.

“Are you from the front desk,” asked an elderly lady, sticking her head out of one of the rooms.

“Are you the one who called?”

“Yes ma’am. She’s still down there. You can hear her all the way from here.”

In fact, Joanne had already noticed the soft moans filling the hall. “I’ll take care of it ma’am. Thank you for calling.”

“I hate to get involved,” said the elderly woman, “but I heard her and thought it would be awful if there were any children on the floor.”

“I’m glad you did call.”

The woman nodded and then pulled her head back into the room. Joanne paused for just a second and then, walking briskly, she traveled down the hall to the Vending Cove.

As she drew closer, the sounds of moaning and vaginal masturbation became louder. There was little doubt as to what was happening.

“Ma’am, this isn’t the place for that. You have a room.” The woman on the floor was indeed one of the two from 432. She lay on the floor, glassy eyed with her legs splayed. Her left hand was rotating almost mechanically in her wet cunt and her skin glistened with sweat. The bath robe she wore was wide open and left very little to the imagination. Joanne found herself staring at the woman’s breasts. They were so round and perfectly formed, the best money could buy.

There was an odor filling the air around the woman on the floor, it reminded Joanne of honey. For some reason Joanne found herself thinking of the vibrator she kept in her sock drawer. Twice divorced, Joanne had little use for any more men in her life and thus her vibrator was the source of most of her infrequent sexual pleasure. She thought of the feeling of sliding the lubricated toy into her own pussy and experienced a chill of delight.

Shaking her head and bringing herself back to the here and now, Joanne said quite forcefully., “Please get up ma’am. Let’s get you to your room. We don’t want to have to call the authorities.”

Perhaps it was the tone with which Joanne addressed her. The woman slowed her masturbation and for the first time focused on Joanne. She sat up and looked like she might try to stand.

“Do you want to fuck me?” she slurred thickly, her breath heavy.

“I don’t know what you are on,” said Joanne, “but let’s get you back to your room.” Satisfied that this naked woman would follow her, Joanne pulled out her master key and led the way back to 432. She knocked and hearing no immediate answer, she slid the card key down into the slot and jerked it back out. The door beeped and clicked open.

“Joanne here Frank,” said Joanne into her walkie talkie, “I got the situation under control. No need for police this time I think.”

“Okay boss.” came the static filled reply.

“Right. Now ma’am…” Joanne turned to address her problem tenant only to find the sweaty naked woman almost directly in her face. They were both about the same height and their eyes stared into one another’s. The smell that Joanne had noticed earlier was much stronger now, honey and flowers and sex all combined. Responding to internal carnal switches that she did not even know she had, Joanne’s pussy wet itself and her nipples hardened. And then the woman was upon her, lips and hands pushing her into the room.

The door shut itself behind them and the sounds of sex mingled with those of the television.


Kat woke and smelled Angelique almost immediately. She was still tired but that did not matter. Her body was once more responding to the smell of desire. Turning on her side she saw Angelique on the other bed, a strange woman licking her cunt. It was obvious that Angelique had just experience a strong orgasm, Kat already knew that look well. A pang of jealousy filled Kat and then was replaced by a desire to join in at the fount of pleasure.

Angelique, feeling pleasantly sated, noticed that Kat was awake and watching and with the movement of a single finger beckoned Kat to her side. Kat came willingly, eager to please and be pleased.

“Kiss me,” said Angelique and Kat complied, moving her lithe naked body next to that of her lover. The other woman continued her oral ministrations. Kat noticed she was completely clothed, though one of her hands appeared to be stuck down her gray slacks. Then Kat was kissing Angelique, one hand holding Angelique’s head, fingers playing with the light brown hair. Her other hand played with Angelique’s large breasts. Angelique shuddered as she experienced another orgasm and pulled Kat tight, her large breast rubbing Kat’s perky nipples.

Angelique allowed Kat to kiss her for a time and then, with a cruel smile she pushed the smaller woman back. “Undress our new slut for her,” said Angelique, “I want to watch her cum.” Kat wanted to protest and return to her kisses but she was suddenly afraid of Angelique becoming mad and perhaps refusing her the privilege of eating out her pussy again.

Then, thinking of the juices coating the other woman’s face, Kat smiled and eagerly sled down the bed besides the other woman. She lifted the woman’s head from Angelique’s pussy and began tenderly kissing her cheek.

“What’s your name,” asked Kat, pleased to be able to taste Angelique even as she obeyed. Her fingers were busy unbuttoning the woman’s red sweater.

“Jo,” was the reply, “Joanne.” The sweater slid off and Joanne shuddered as Kat’s fingers, working on her blouse’s buttons, brushed the top of her breast. The two women french kissed, Angelique’s fluids mixing in their mouths and Kat, becoming aroused, slid one of Joanne’s hands onto her breasts. Angelique, leaning forward, grabbed Joanne’s other hand and slid it back onto her glistening wet cunt.

The blouse came off and Kat made Joanne stand so she could remove the slacks. Angelique moaned in frustration as this meant Joanne was no longer touching her but she did not vocalize a complaint for she realized that Kat was just doing as she was told.

Joanne’s matching bra and panties were both a light blue in color and she felt incredibly sexy and horny as she spun in place, displaying her body. Her mind was incredibly aroused and all she wanted at the moment was to screw and be screwed.

“Take off the underwear and you can eat me some more,” purred Angelique. Her pussy throbbed at the very thought and in haste Joanne reached back to unsnap her bra. Kat meanwhile pulled down the panties, revealing a hairy pussy with wet swollen lips. Her mission done, Kat bent down onto the bed and lapped eagerly at Angelique’s cunt. A moment later Joanne was beside her, trying to also place her tongue and mouth on that wonderful tasting source of pleasure.

“Let her do it Kat,” said Angelique, “You eat out her pussy and then she will eat you out.”

Kat protested but Angelique would not relent and so as Joanne bent over like a dog at a water bowl, Kat crawled behind her and placed her lips on the other’s ass. Kat bent Joanne’s legs a little more and spread her knees apart. Then she let het mouth roam across Joanne’s ass cheek, flicking her tongue over the wide anal cavity and then, twisting her neck just a little she licked the bottom of Joanne’s cunt. The reaction was almost instantaneous. Joanne cried out into Angelique’s pussy and reaching back she began to rub her own clit. Kat placed her left hand on Joanne’s back to hold herself up and then slid her other hand into Joanne’s pussy behind Joanne’s own hand. All the while she licked back and forth from pussy to asshole. Joanne screamed and bucked her hips up and down. It was clear that she was cumming and cumming hard. Kat smiled at a job well done and almost as soon as the woman’s climax was done she pulled away.

“My turn,” breathed Kat, “My turn to eat Angelique.” Kat’s body trembled. She was so tired but she was also so very horny again. Eagerly pushing Joanne aside, Kat moved to lick the promised reward.

Angelique smiled wickedly, “Your turn to eat Kat out, Jo. Eat her out and make her cum and then you can have my pussy again. Play with yourself while you lick her pussy. You’ll like the way your own fingers feel.” Crying with desire, Joanne moved to do to Kat what the small woman had just done to her. All she knew was that she would do anything to enjoy the taste of that pussy again.


Dr. Stein grabbed a rag and wiped the semen from his belly. The sex displayed so vividly on the monitor in front of him had been more than enough to make him want to play with himself. Quite pleased with the progress of his experiment, he pulled his pants back up around his hips and buttoned them. Once more completely clothed he reached for his coffee cup and then rummaged around in his papers for a blank CD. He didn’t want to miss recording any of the activities Angelique was experience for he knew that the footage would provide hours of masturbation later.

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