Suck, Swallow, Repeat

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© Cherry Foxe, 2022

The is a work of fiction. All names, places, characters and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination only. Any similarities to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, events or locations is entirely coincidental. All sexually active characters are at or above the age of eighteen.

Dear Reader,

This week’s letter to Family Love Magazine comes from a NASTY slut with a serious cum fetish and a penchant for anonymous dick. There’s no telling how many mystery loads she’s extracted over the years, but after reading her submission, we’re betting it’s more than a few. And, now that she’s enlisted the help of a young apprentice cock handler, that number will surely sky rocket! Without further ado, please enjoy her story.

Warning: this EXTRA FILTHY tale includes LIGHT WATERSPORTS.

* * *


I may look like your average middle-class, suburban mom: slim figure, blonde ponytail, department store clothes. But I’m an absolute freak at heart. When the sun goes down, I shed my basic bitch persona and dress as slutty as possible. Then, I hit the town looking for meaningless, no-strings-attached cock.

I’m happiest when I know nothing about my hookups. Not even their names. This one time, I grabbed a stranger’s crotch at a club without a word of introduction. The poor guy choked on his drink. After he wiped his face, I leaned in and purred in his ear, saying, “Take me to the bathroom, and I’ll let you fuck any hole you want.”

Yeah, I’m that kind of slut.

It’s no surprise my favorite dive in the city is an adult theater with a special booth in the back. The snug space has two holes in the walls opposite one another. Just thinking about the hard, throbbing treats coming through those holes makes my cunt cream.

One night, I walked into the theater and couldn’t believe my eyes. There stood my nineteen-year-old daughter, Allison, dolled up like a filthy skank in heels, fishnets, cut-off shorts, and a tiny bikini top that barely covered her nipples. “Mom, how’d you know about this place?” she said.

“I could ask the same porno izle question,” I returned.

But I didn’t care about the answer. I had cock on the brain, as did my daughter. She bubbled with excitement when I suggested we slip into the glory hole booth together.

Ally and I share a close bond. I had her at a young age, and growing up, she became my best friend. We’re so close, we walk around the house naked and discuss all of our kinks. I know my daughter loves anal sex, for example, and she knows I’m partial to golden showers. Still, we’d never done anything so perverted together. Our relationship reached new heights that night.

Once inside the booth, we dropped to our knees. A man pushed his cock through the hole in my side. I fisted his thick shaft just above his balls and teased my tongue into his slit. “Hi, stud,” I said. “You ready for me to suck you off?”

Looking over my shoulder, I saw my daughter’s head bobbing on a cock of her own. I turned back to my guy and swallowed his dick. With one hand flat against the wall, I caved my cheeks and began pounding my head. “Oh, yeah,” the guy moaned. “Fuck, baby. You know how to suck a cock.”

He was right. I’m an expert cocksucker. It didn’t take long for me to make him pop. Sensing his impending release, I sealed my lips to his cockhead and flicked my tongue against his piss hole. The guy shot six healthy globs of cum. His thick ball batter tasted a little sweet and a little salty–just how I like it. I slipped off his prick and told him ‘thank you’ with a mouth full of jizz, and then I swallowed my first load of the night.

Shortly after, Ally’s guy announced his orgasm. “Fuck. I’m going to bust!” I scooted to her side and watched his cock twitch as he dumped his semen into my daughter’s mouth.

Ally flashed me the pearly mouthful he’d given her. I couldn’t believe the size of this guy’s nut. “Baby, that’s a lot of cum. Mommy doesn’t mind sharing the load,” I offered. She shook her head, and then she swallowed his cum in one gulp. Needless to say, I was both impressed and proud of my daughter.

Another stiff cock poked through altyazılı porno the hole in her side, and she went to town. Looking at my side, I found a cock waiting for me. Maybe this guy was nervous, because his prick was soft.

Leaving my daughter, I grabbed my guy’s flaccid dick. “First time at a glory hole?” I asked him as sucking sounds reached my ears. He gave a nervous laugh. “Well, don’t worry, darling. You relax and let this slut do her thing.”

I took him between my lips and sucked on just the head. Blood filled the veins running through his shaft, inflating his cock. Feeling him grow hard in my mouth, I shivered. Then I licked up and down his pole. His cock leaked pre-cum. “I’m close,” he warned after a minute of this treatment.

I blew him hard and fast. The man groaned, and his shaft twitched as his balls unloaded, his prick shooting slimy spurts of cock cream into my mouth. I sucked his pipes clean and swallowed his babies.

After a goodbye kiss on his cockhead, I pulled off my shirt and released my tits. My nipples were pounding. I tugged at them for a moment, and then I stood, dropped my skirt, and clutched my hairy cunt. Juices dribbled into my palm.

“Ohhh, shit. You’re going to make me come,” Ally’s newest guy groaned.

“Let me help,” I said as I settled next to my daughter. She popped off his dick. I wrapped a firm grip around this guy’s rod and stroked him. “FYI, that’s my daughter sucking your cock.”

“No way,” he said.

Ally and I grinned at each other. “Yeah,” I said. “And I want you to come on her slut face. Can you do that? Can you bust a hot, sticky load all over this little cunt’s face?”

The guy growled. His prick firmed, and his mushroom tip erupted. I stroked out rope after rope, frosting my daughter’s face with his thick splooge.

I licked a glob from under her eye, swallowed that, and then kissed her cum-coated lips. The kiss surprised her, but she leaned into it. I fumbled with the buttons on her shorts, and then I thrust a hand inside them. My fingers slipped over her bald mound to her gushy slit. I slid two inside her tight, sex hikaye teen cunt, and we traded tongues while I fingered her until the next two cocks appeared.

Seeing my cock brought a smile to my face. This guy’s dick was the largest so far. But even more impressive was his fat pair of balls. Back on my side, I cradled and pumped them. “Jesus, man. What a pair. I bet you’ve got a gallon of jizz sloshing around these cum bags.”

“Suck my cock, and you’ll find out,” he returned.

Though my mouth watered for more cum, my aching cunt felt ignored. I nosed his cock into my sticky twat lips, then teased my clit with his bulbous tip. “I’d rather fuck this thing,” I said, and then I backed into the wall and impaled myself on his ramrod. “Fuck that cunt. I want to feel you twitch as you blow your wad inside me.”

Bent forward, I fingered my clit and bounced backward while the guy speared me with his prick. He groaned, and his cockhead spewed against my tight pussy walls. The flood of boiling dick snot pushed me over the edge, and I quaked as I orgasmed on his fuck stick.

I reached through my shaky legs and pushed off his cock enough to grab the shaft. Then I squeezed and stroked out the last few spurts into my cunt. Glancing at my daughter, I saw she’d taken another facial. Cum dripped from her chin. I said, “You want some more jizz?”

She nodded, and I shoved my snatch in her face. Her nose pressed against my bush as the teen thrust her tongue into the hole she came from. She slurped the cream pie from my sloppy, well-fucked cunt, and made me come again.

We’d done a lot, but the night had only just begun. Ally and I grew increasingly depraved over the next few hours. She held a guy’s cock as he pissed in my mouth and all over my tits. I guided a dick into her ass and stroked the guy’s taint as he pumped his load in her guts. In between cocks, we licked and fingered each other’s cunts and assholes, and we capped off the evening with a vigorous round of scissoring.

We were spent by the time we got home. After a long, hot shower together, Ally and I curled up in bed, and I stroked my daughter’s hair as she rested her head on my chest.”I already miss the glory hole,” Ally told me.

“Don’t worry, sweetie. We’ll go back soon,” I assured her.

I kept that promise night, after night, after night…

— N.B., from New York

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