The Office Xmas Party

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Celia Francis was 38. An elegant lady, 5’6″ tall, long blonde hair worn to the tops of her shoulders. A size 10 figure and 34B breasts. She clearly worked out and often got whistled at in the street and received comments in the local supermarkets from lust filled young men who considered her to be a hot MILF. Celia was always thrilled to receive such comments which sent a nice hum through her body, down to her pussy.

Celia was single and enjoyed life to the full. An extremely strong libido which meant lots of trysts with lovers both married and single.

She and her best friend Jane had worked together in the administration department of a local stationery supply company for 15 years or so. They were part of a team of 20. Celia and Jane had been integral to the success of the company as they rose through the ranks. They ran the office with an iron rod so the management and sales teams could go out and do their thing knowing everything in the office would run smoothly. Orders shipped on time, paid on time, everything like clockwork.

It was December. Celia and Jane were getting ready for the annual Xmas party. These events had always been fun, drink flowing, innuendos spoken, dancing, some flirting and even some groping but that was as far as it had gone. Everybody knew the boundaries and stuck to them.

The ladies had met at Celia’s house which was nearer the office and meant they could share a taxi there and back. Jane walked in and hugged her best friend and then stood back to give her the once over and admire Celia’s outfit. Celia was wearing the obligatory ‘Little Black Dress’. The thin spaghetti straps led down to a ‘V’ shaped bodice which showed off her milky white breasts which were supported and pushed up by a black strapless bra. The thin and clearly expensive material flowed down and accentuated the shape of her body and flaring out to a skirt which fell to mid-thigh. There was no visual panty line as Celia rarely wore underwear and tonight was no exception. Her legs clad in see through black stockings held up by the thinnest of suspenders leading the way down to her feet which were encased in 4″ high stilettos, see through at the toe, a glimpse of crimson nail varnish. Her blonde hair was worn down to her shoulders, freshly washed, an odour of Givenchy enveloped over her.

“You look great,” said Jane. Genuinely looking on in awe at her beautiful friend.

“Not bad yourself.” Celia taking in her friend’s scarlet outfit. Not showing too much flesh but the material clung to Jane in a way that it could not for Celia. Jane had had her breasts enhanced 5 years earlier and they jutted out proudly. Size 34G, no sign of any sag and her nipples seemingly always erect. As Jane turned round to show Celia the whole outfit, she could see the ankle to thigh slash that showed off Jane’s stockings as she twirled round. Her brunette hair was tied back into a ponytail held together by a bright scarlet scarf. Her feet encased in bright red Jimmy Choo’s built for effect rather than comfort.

Celia’s phone emitted a beep telling her the taxi was waiting outside. They gathered themselves together, put on shawls to protect themselves against the cold weather and headed out of the door. Celia remembering to momentarily stop and lock the door. They rushed down the drive and dashed into the warm comfort of the taxi. The journey was only 5 minutes or so and Celia and Jane passed the time thinking about the evening ahead.

The taxi drew up outside the office which was in a nondescript area of town surrounded by other industrial buildings and office blocks. Music could be heard out in the street as could the sound of voices trying to make themselves heard above the music. Celia pushed the door open, and Jane passed through followed by Celia. A wall of sound hit them. They quickly discarded their shawls in a nearby cloakroom and headed directly to the bar set up against one wall. Opposite was a DJ and the two areas divided by the dancefloor which as it was still early, empty.

A group of 8 guys were talking together, the management team. Highly successful, one or two may be considered brash but it was these qualities that meant the company was extremely successful and smashed its sales targets year after year. But they all knew that they couldn’t do what they did without Celia and Jane. They all turned round and fell to silence as they took in the outfits Celia and Jane were wearing.

“Wow! You two look great,” exclaimed Matt, the MD and founder of the company. Aged 59 he had started the company from his back bedroom and now was the istanbul travesti head of a successful business turning over £20 Million a year. He was personally worth over £10 Million and had a nice house overlooking the Solent, a 40′ yacht moored in Lymington Marina, a Porsche 911 Carrera for commuting, a dazzling wife and 2 equally dazzling daughters who were both married to lawyers and lived in London. Celia knew that Matt’s marriage was a sham. He’d often said he wasn’t getting any sex and had to look elsewhere. The only reason they had not divorced was the cost.

A waiter rushed forward.

“Red wine please.” Celia and Jane spoke together.

The night whirled on in a daze of small talk and mild flirting. Drink flowed and soon both Celia and Jane were more than a bit worse for wear.

“Come on,” said Celia to Jane, pulling her friend into a nearby office. Jane stood back wide eyed as Celia lifted up her dress to reveal she wasn’t wearing knickers that night and Jane gasped at her friend’s freshly waxed pussy showing off her slightly protruding clit.

“You look amazing.”

“Let’s sit on the photocopier and show the guys what they are missing.” Suggested Celia.

She then proceeded to lift the cover up off the nearby office photocopier. Meanwhile Jane lifted up her own dress, revealing a skimpy, barely there, red thong. A thin red string divided her arse cheeks running up to a string that ran round her body to connect to the tiniest of modesty panels covering her pussy. A tiny wisp of brown pussy hair just showed, revealing than Jane shaved herself to a thin landing strip above her slit.

“I could eat you now,” said Celia.

“Maybe later. Come on climb up.”

Celia, resting both her hands to her side lifted her arse up onto the photocopier and rested herself down onto the glass panel. She lewdly spread her legs and Jane pushed the green copy button. The copier sprang into action. 10 full colour copies of Celia’s arse and pussy. A thrill rushed through Celia at the whole decadence of the situation. Moisture showed on her pussy lips. Jane could not help herself and found herself leaning forward and running her tongue between Celia’s outstretched legs, over her clit drinking in her friends juices.

“Gorgeous.” She cooed softly. Her eyes shut savouring the taste.

Celia shuddered at the soft touch of Jane’s tongue as it moved across her clit. Her chest flushed red and her nipples got hard beneath her bra. Jane pushed forward again. Pushing her tongue into Celia’s pussy as far as she could. The copier flashed into action as she caught the copy button, colour copies of Jane’s tongue in Celia’s pussy whirred off the paper tray.

“Oops,” said Jane as she pulled away.

“Your turn now, hop up here” said Celia closing her legs and climbing down.

Jane turned round and lifted herself up onto the copier plate and somehow managed to move her scarlet dress out of the way. Legs splayed, her red G string tight against her pussy. Her pussy lips engorged and clearly excited as Celia pressed the copy button.

Stunning reproductions of Jane’s pussy surrounded by the red dress quickly appeared out of the paper tray. Celia resisted licking Jane’s pussy, knowing there would be plenty of time later.

Jane practically fell off the copier laughing, pulling her dress down and they both left leaving the copies for the boys to find.

The party had thinned out with most of the staff collecting coats and leaving. The DJ was busy packing up his equipment and the waiter, his bar.

The ladies moved over to where Matt and the other guys were. 6 of them left and all the worse for wear. The sales director, John moved across to the group and whispered in Matt’s ear.

“Excuse me one moment as i need to attend to something.” he said to the group and moved off with John. Celia and Jane watching them enter the photocopy room.

They were gone for only a moment or so when they came out together, holding the copies in their hands and headed straight for the ladies.

“I think you two had better come to my office now!” he barked at them. The other 5 guys, wondering what on earth was going on as they knew how respected Celia and Jane were in the company.

Matt and John walked across the room and out of a door which led upstairs to the management suite followed by Celia and Jane. Both now more than a little worried that their prank was about to spectacularly backfire on them.

“What’s the meaning of this?” Matt shouted as he waived the lewd copies at them.

“Just a bit of fun.” said Celia istanbul travestileri nervously as Jane gripped the sides of her dress to keep her hands still.

Both racked by fear as they realised they were about to be sacked.

Matt and John both grinned at them. Both thinking that finally they were going to have some fun with the two hottest females in the company.

“Well as far as i see it you have two choices. One, I dismiss you now for abuse of company property and lewd behaviour or you both disrobe now and let John and I see your bodies in the flesh. I’m particularly looking forward to seeing your arse Celia, so i suggest you get out of that dress and bend over my desk.”

Celia and Jane looked at each other. Surely this can’t be happening thought Celia. However she loved her job, was well paid and didn’t wish to leave it. It also helped that she had fancied Matt for the last 15 years and had often masturbated with her large glass dildo wondering what Matt’s cock looked like. She could see that he already had a nice large bulge in his trousers

Celia moved her hands behind her back and slowing began to lower the fine zipper. Matt and John looked on with bated breath as slowly Celia revealed her fine back. Lower still, her suspender belt and finally Celia dropped it on the floor and stepped out of it. Both Matt and John took a sharp intake of breath and it was clear to everybody that the bulges in their trousers had just got bigger. As Matt suspected Celia had a mighty fine arse.

“Over the desk Celia!” he commanded “and you Jane follow suit.”

Celia lent over Matt’s desk, spreading her legs slightly so both Matt and John could see little brown hole and her pussy lips just below.

Jane, watching her friend leaning over the desk, quickly stepped out of her dress and dropped her thong to the ground.

“Alongside Celia.”

Jane stepped to her friends right and lowered herself over the desk, allowing the two workmates to compare their arses. Both making noises of approval.

Both ladies raised their arses slightly so the guys could see their pussies. Celia’s perfectly smooth whilst Jane’s had a narrow landing strip but with her lips perfectly shaved. Both of them were giving the game away as it could clearly be seen how aroused they were. Celia hoping that Matt would quickly get his cock out and push it into her pussy. She wasn’t wanting slow and beautiful but hard and fast as her orgasm wasn’t too far away.

The guys quickly fumbled with their belts, dropped their trousers and boxers in one motion and took their cocks in their hands. Matt lined himself behind Celia and John behind Jane.

A loud slap pierced the air as Matt slapped Celia’s arse loudly , leaving a deep red handprint on her right cheek. John followed suit on Jane and both girls yelped loudly. Matt’s 8″ cock, and 3″ in diameter lined up Celia’s pussy. John simultaneously lining up his smaller 6″ cock with Jane’s pussy. As if on some hidden signal between them both Matt and John pushed forward together in a quick fast thrust, both as deep as they could be in the girls pussies. Matt pulled out and thrust forward again. Jane was getting similar treatment from John as he sawed in and out of her. Both girls accepting the invasion willingly, the flood of juices from their pussies giving them away.

Matt signalled to John they should swap. Both withdrew at once and switched partners thrusting forward again. Celia was a little disappointed as John’s small dick barely touched her sides after Matt’s monster. Jane gasped in shock as her pussy opened out further at the size of Matt and both guys continued to pump hard. Celia managed to take some breath and shouted to John.

“My arse, my arse, please fuck my arse”

His dick wasn’t doing it for her but she well knew that it was perfect for her arse and she wanted John to fill her up with his cum. John pulled out. His cock, already lubed up from both girl’s pussies, pushed through Celia’s sphincter into the bowels of her arse where he proceeded to thrust in out quickly. Celia’s arse accepting him willingly as this wasn’t the first time she’d had a cock in her arse and she’d managed much larger than John’s.

The door opened and in came the other guys who realising what was happening took no time at all to remove their clothes. Two of them moved round the other side of the desk and pushed their already hard cocks towards the girls faces. Both opened their mouths willingly and proceeded to lick and suck on what was presented to them. Celia found herself sucking on a large 10″ travesti istanbul black dick, which could only be Marlon’s, the company’s top salesman. He thrust forward as John also thrusted causing Celia to gag as his cock disappeared down her throat. Her eyes watered as Marlon pushed harder.

Jane was getting similar treatment but Nick the company accountant undid her bra and flung it into a corner releasing her huge breasts which he immediately mauled between his hands, pinching her nipples hard. Matt pulled out and lined his cock up with Jane’s arse. Jane involuntarily flexed her sphincter, it had been awhile since anybody had been there and unlike Celia was ill prepared. Matt put his cock head, now huge and purple at the entrance to Jane’s most private place. He rested a second or so at her entrance, just allowing her to feel his presence and then he pushed, slowly at first as his large mushroom head began to open her up. Jane gasped and moaned on the cock she was sucking. 7″ in her mouth and 8″ in her arse. Both pushed together and Matt slapped her arse loud and harsh. Her cheeks both glowing as Matt pushed home and Nick squeezed her tits. Matt sawed in and out as Nick reciprocated in her mouth.

Both girls, despite the harsh treatment were loving it and on the point of cumming. Celia was a serial squirter and felt it building within her. She felt a mouth on her pussy. Unknown to her, Neil the office junior and just 18 had slipped below the desk and moved his mouth onto her pussy as Matt thrusted above him. Celia feeling this third invasion let go. Her orgasm squirting out and covering Neil’s face as he valiantly tried to drink it all up. This set off a chain of events as Marlon came in huge ropes of milky white cum down Celia’s throat which she managed to drink all down with the skills of a porn star and John came in her arse and then withdrew continuing to squirt his cum all over Celia’s arse some of it dripping down into Neil’s willing mouth. Celia felt black across her eyes as she momentarily passed out. Rough hands unclipped her bra. She laid across the desk spent, semen in her hair, dribbling from her mouth and arse and running down her glowing red arse cheeks.

Jane’s orgasm was also raging. She was not a squirter like Celia, something she was quite jealous of but nevertheless as Nick came in huge strings of cum into her mouth Matt reciprocated in her arse.

Both Nick and Matt withdrew and the 4 guys plus two others, Josh and Andy who had both been watching pulled the girls onto the floor.

Josh and Andy laid side by side on the carpeted floor and Matt pushed Celia directly onto Josh’s cock. Likewise John pushed Jane onto Andy’s cock. Both girls slid down easily their love tunnels still awash from their orgasms and slick with cum juices.

Matt moved round to Celia and pushed his cock, fresh from Jane’s arse into Celia’s open and willing mouth, She could taste the muskiness of Jane’s arse mixed with Matt’s cum as he started thrusting again. Neil came up behind Celia, and started edging his cock into Celia’s arse. Despite his young age his cock matched Marlon’s for stature, which he pushed home filling up Celia like she had never before. All three guys got into a rhythm, pushing and withdrawing at the same time. As all but Neil had already cum, they built up a fair head of steam as Celia was reamed in all her holes like never before. Whilst she had been butt fucked before she never had a DP and not a third making her airtight. She was in heaven as the three guys continued.

Jane meanwhile was getting similar treatment. Andy in her pussy, Marlon in her mouth, and John in her arse. John was also spanking her arse hard with a rolled up belt in his hand. SLAP, SLAP…Jane could not speak. She was so full but the pain and pleasure running through her body created the best feelings she’d ever had and she didn’t want this to stop.

Eventually the guys slowed down to take breath. The girls are aching and sore from their exertions. As if it was on an unseen signal all 6 guys withdrew and turned the girls over on their backs and then proceeded to cum in ropes and ropes all over their bodies. Both girls covered. In their hair, face, tits, pussy, nothing untainted by the lashing of cum that they had received. Nick finally moved over, got out his cock and ordered Celia to open her mouth and promptly started to pee. A yellow golden stream into Celia’s mouth which quickly filled and overflowed across her breasts and onto the carpeted floor. Celia loved pee and swallowed it down as fast as she could.

“I think that’s enough for now,” said Matt. “But you two can start serving the drinks and sandwiches at our future management meetings.”

“Yes Matt, thank you,” gasped Celia. Jane, too exhausted to speak nodded.

“Best get dressed, and i’ll see you Monday.”


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