Underneath Your Clothes Ch. 02

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Sean sat on the couch next to Chloe, her scent washing over him, clouding his inexperienced mind. Her words still rang in his mind. All he had been to do was nod his answer. He felt her fingers wrapped around his shaft and looked down to see her hand slowly move up and down his length.

Chloe turned slightly so that she faced him and placed a hand on his bare chest, pushing him back against the arm rest of the couch. She leaned into him and kissed him passionately, moaning into his kiss, feeling his tongue with her own. Slowly her kiss moved to his ear and her tongue snaked out, licking the outer edge. She felt him relax and lean against the arm of the couch, and smiled inwardly, knowing the seduction of her catch was complete. She caught the lobe of his ear and lightly nipped at it with her teeth. Her kiss moved down to the back of his jaw and slowly moved down his neck. She kissed him slowly and her tongue left a wet trail behind.

Her kiss moved to his broad shoulders. She kissed him and slowly ran her tongue from the base of his neck to the tip of his chin. She saw that his eyes were closed and a smile spread across his face. Chloe moved back down and kissed his left nipple, her teeth lightly nipping it until it was hard and pointy. She then sucked on it, making him moan lightly. Chloe then switched and attacked his right nipple, sucking and licking it to hardness as well. Her hand still held its grip on his length and she saw a drop of precum forming on the head. She wanted to taste it but she forced herself to wait. She continued to move down his chest and stomach, kissing, licking and tasting. She felt his chest rise and fall with each deep breathe. She kissed his hard stomach muscles and felt them tense as she did so. Chloe moved down further still till finally she reached her destination. Her free hand moved up his chest and lay there as she had finally reached his length.

Sean looked down at her as he felt her kisses leave his body. He saw her looking up at him as she smiled, her hand still gripping him, holding him tightly. He looked down at her, kneeling between his legs, wondering what she was going to do next. What she did next was forever burned into his mind.

Chloe leaned forward and licked the head, lapping up the precum that had formed on it. She moaned slightly as she swallowed his flavor, savoring his taste. She continued to lick his head as she slowly lowered her mouth onto him. She sucked on the head as her hand slowly moved up and down his rod. Chloe stroked him while she sucked him off. She moved her mouth up and down on his length, each time taking more of him into her hot mouth. Each time she came up her tongue swirled around the head, causing him to moan softly.

Chloe soon had his length all the way in her hot mouth, sucking on him, her hand now fondling his heavy balls. She bobbed her head up and down slowly, savoring the taste of him, loving the fact that she once again was sucking a man off. Her fingers played with his scrotum, feeling their weight, wanting what they held Betturkey deep inside them. She began to move up and down his length faster, taking all of him with each downstroke. She let go of his length, letting him pop out of her mouth. She gripped it and moved her hand up and down his length while twisting her hand in a slight circular motion. She moaned, “I love the taste of your cock and I want you to cum in my mouth. I want your hot seed to flow down my throat, think you would like that baby?”

Sean merely nodded and moaned as he felt her mouth close over him.

She sucked on his head while her hand continued to stroke him. Her other hand continued to fondle his balls as she sucked him. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked him, wanting to draw out his juices. She hungered for his seed, wanted to taste it and feel it flow down her throat. She missed this so much and couldn’t wait to bring him off. Her hand jerked him faster, causing him to moan, his breathes coming faster.

Chloe sucked him harder and stroked him faster until she felt his body go rigid, his ballsack tighten and she knew he was about to cum and pulled her mouth away, keeping it open and waiting. She stroked him faster and aimed his hole at the back of her throat. She heard him moan and grunt as he spurted hot white jets of cum into the back of her throat. She was surprised when she felt several jets of cum flow into her mouth and moaned in pleasure as it trickled down her throat. She felt his body shudder as he released himself into her, hearing him moan as he did so. She felt him the last of his cum shoot into her mouth and she swallowed it in one gulp, savoring the taste as it coated the back of her throat. She moaned in pure pleasure as she licked her lips before bringing him back into her mouth. Her hand held his slowly softening length as she sucked the last of his juice from his cock. She finally let go licked her lips yet again. She smiled devilishly as she asked, “Did you enjoy that baby?”

Sean tried to control his breathing before he answered in a slightly raspy voice, “Oh God yes I did. That was the best thing I have ever fealt before.”

Chloe giggled, savoring the words that he spoke. “Obviously you have never cum inside a woman’s pussy. Today, I am going to make you a man, I want you to fuck me Sean. I want to feel you inside me.”

Sean smiled and sat up slightly, bracing himself with his arms. He looked into her eyes and saw the hunger that she felt. He could sense it and wanted to do what she said, he wanted to fuck her. He watched as she stood up and took hold of her offered hand, their fingers entwined as he followed her into her bedroom.

The smallish bedroom of the apartment was neat and sparsely decorated. A queen sized bed occupied the middle of the room, its covers neatly folded at the foot of the bed as if expecting someone to jump in for a nights sleep. The soft pillows were arranged neatly at the foot of the headboard. Sunlight filtered through the drawn blinds and lit the room in a warm brilliance. Betturkey Giriş

Chloe led him to the bed and let go of his hand when she reached it. She climbed on top of it and patted the vacant space next to her. “Come here baby, let me make you feel better than you have ever fealt before.”

Sean climbed onto the bed and sat next to her naked body. The scent of her perfume permeated the room and washed over him completely. He allowed himself to be pushed back down, lying on the soft sheets and resting his head on one of the many pillows. He watched as she straddled his legs, placing her hands on his chest.

She leaned down and kissed his neck, slowly moving down to his shoulders before she came back up. She looked down at him and saw his innocence. She looked into his eyes and asked, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Sean looked up at her and smiled, “Yes, I’m sure.”

Chloe smiled and said, “Okay then, I promise this will make you feel good.” She pulled herself up and straddled his waist, her pussy inches away from his length which had quickly hardened again. She reached down with one hand and guided him into her as she slowly lowered herself onto his hardness. Slowly she impaled herself onto him, feeling him fill her. She moaned as she lowered herself onto him, reveling in the feeling of being so filled. She sat there for a minute as she let Sean get used to being in someone, and at the same time, getting used to feeling these sensations again.

She began to grind her hips against his, grinding her clit against his skin. She leaned forward slightly and placed her hands on his chest, bracing herself, holding herself up. Her fingers dug into the flesh of his chest and she heard him moan softly. She raised her hips a few inches and then sank back down on him. She repeated this motion, over and over until they had developed a rhythm.

Sean reveled in the feelings, feeling sensations he never knew existed. He lightly ran his fingers up and down her thighs, carressing her soft skin. He ran his hands up her skin until he reached her hips and rested them there, holding her. He loved feeling himself in her and knew that she loved it too. Her moans made him more bold and he reached up with one for one of her swaying breasts. Sean carressed one and kneaded it with his fingers, feeling the hard nipple and tweaking it lightly.

Chloe reached up with one hand and held his hand on her breast, kneading her breast. Her rhythm began to quicken its pace and she began to ride him harder now. She rose up nearly to the point of him coming out of her and then sank down where she just ground her hips into his. She could feel the fingers of his other hand dig into the soft flesh of her rear and soft moans escaped her lips. Chloe let go of his hand and fell forward, bracing herself up while she looked into his eyes. She saw the pure animalistic lust burn in them, feeding her own fire. Her long hair fell over her face as she threw her head back, the feelings of pure pleasure began to course through her veins. Her hips ground hard against his, forcing him deep into her. Chloe felt his other hand take hold of her other cheek and could feel his strong hands dig into the warm soft flesh of her rear.

Sean began to grunt as sweat began to form on his brow, the feelings, the sensations washing over him. He felt himself being pulled up into a sitting position and he did so, crossing his legs to support himself. He watched in fascination as she wrapper her legs around his back, her arms wrapping themselves around his neck. He leaned his head to one side as she buried hers into the side of his neck, kissing him, licking the soft vulnerable skin. Sean pulled his arms around her waist and held her as she began to soflty bounce on him.

Chloe held onto him tightly as she thrust herself upon his hardness. Her mind awash in feelings, not of pure lust, but love as well. She had developed feelings for this young man and she knew they had begun to develope before her seduction. She knew he watched her and it made her feel good. She wanted him now more than ever, wanted to feel him fill her with himself. She ground her hips against his once more before returning to her rhythmic thrusting. She began to thrust herself onto his length as she buried her face into his neck, her moans of passion being muffled. She reached down his back and ran her nails up its length, scratching him, leaving bright red trails as a testement to their being there.

Sean moaned loudly as he felt her nails dig into his back, causing his own fingers to dig once more into her soft flesh. His hips rose to meet her downward thrusts as primal instincts took over. He kissed her neck before biting into the soft flesh, sucking on her, his teeth leaving there marks. He grunted and pound his hips into her. Pleasure began to fill his mind as he closed his eyes.

“Oh God Sean, I’m going to cum baby, I’m going to cum!” she screamed. She continued thrusting as her fingers dug themselves into his back. She bounced one last time before sinking onto his length and grinding herself into him. Her muscles contracting around his length, milking him, urging him to cum. Her screams rang out in the room as she came, her juices flowing over his rod and wetting the sheets below them.

Sean couldn’t believe the feelings of pleasure as he felt her warmth milk him and he growled as he released himself into her, filling her with his seed. Fireworks burst in his eyes as his orgasm washed over him, his body shuddering.

Chloe’s own orgasm slowly began to subside and she held onto him tightly. She could feel him, feel his warmth inside her. She began to kiss his neck before moving to his chin. She pulled back slightly and looked into his now open eyes, looking deep into his soul before leaning into his kiss. Their tongues played as they kissed each other deeply.

They fell back onto the bed, their bodies still entwined, their mouths still kissing. When she pulled back, she looked into his eyes once more and saw the caring feelings in them. Chloe kissed him tenderly on his lips before she buried her head against his neck. She closed her eyes and soon fell asleep.

Sean held her close and soon his eyes closed too, falling asleep in her arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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