I Can’t Believe You Have A Wife!

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I was beginning to get worried when he didn’t call me that night. Javon was never like this, he always called, and it had been over 3 hours. I tried calling him back but apparently, the phone was busy because all I kept hearing was the dial tone. Where the hell was he?

Javon and I had been dating for 6 months and things between us were very serious. We had already exchanged the “I love you’s” and we began to talk about settling down with each other. Javon was cute, a very strong and caring man; he was made of pure muscle, and many people mistook him for a pro football player. We were so cute together, I was 15 years younger, but it just worked. His 6’2 stature matched well with my petite 5’5, not to mention I looked like the trophy wife. In my second year of law school, I had big breast, long black hair, thick ass, and shapely legs; I was the type of woman men dreamed of. And not to mention a good black man is hard to find, so when I found Javon I kept him.

It was three days, four packs of cigarettes, and too many tears later when he finally decided to contact me; I was so angry at the time I didn’t even want an excuse, even a good one. But what he told me I didn’t expect.

“Toni, baby, I love you, and I can’t lose you. But I have to be honest with you: I’m married.”

As expected, my heart dropped deep in my chest, and the tears starting flowing immediately. I couldn’t breathe. My whole entire world was flipped in a matter of two seconds. I didn’t want to hear anymore of the story; I was done. I would leave Javon and find someone new and someone who didn’t lie to me.

“Toni, please hear me out. My wife is named Janette and she wants to meet you. We have been looking for someone to add into our family for years now. Toni, you’re the one to be with us, I know it. I can’t have you leave me, but if you do I understand.”

Talk about being heated, I was damn near ready to kill this man for breaking my heart. But for some reason I couldn’t just walk away. For starters, I deeply loved Javon and his semi-apology was sincere, and second I had a strong inclination for women. I had never really been with a woman, not in a loving and trusting atmosphere, anyway, and this seemed like a good opportunity to take advantage of a possible threesome. I would fuck him and her, gain valuable pussy eating skills, and then leave; off to find my real soul mate. It sounded like a plan.

I was sitting in my car on their driveway the very next day, “What the hell have you gotten yourself into Toni? You don’t know this chick, what if she doesn’t like you? Well, Toni, get your shit together and knock that boy down”.

I made sure to wear my best that night a short, tight dress casino şirketleri and heels. I wanted them both to cum at the very first look of me. I walked in the house and they both just stared. My first goal was accomplished. Javon wanted me and by the looks of it his wife wasn’t trying to glance away either. They invited me in where we all had some form of alcohol; it was going to be a long night. Janette sat on the couch and began drinking a wine cooler, while I sipped on a glass of champagne. Sipped may not be the best word, more like gulped. I was going to get as fucked up as I could as soon as possible. We exchanged small talk and I had to admit I was enjoying myself; it was sort of like spending the night at a friend’s until it was time to go upstairs. Javon was obviously horny because he began to undress me and undress her. Janette and I never even exchanged eye contact it was beginning to get weird. Janette was a very pretty woman, she had a cute face, nice body, and big breasts, and I was instantly attracted to her. I looked at her body up and down and back over at him. My heavy feelings for him hit me as he began to passionately kiss his wife and I couldn’t help but be jealous. I was angry that I wasn’t his wife, angry that I was just some third wheel in a threesome fantasy. I got up and went to get my clothes back on. Of course, Javon stopped me, and kissed me too. It felt good to kiss him but something about kissing him in front of his wife made me nervous. Javon felt my tension and began to rub my back. We headed upstairs.

We got upstairs and the three of us lay on the bed together, looking aimlessly and not knowing where to start. Javon started kissing me again and I felt bad for Janette on the other side of the bed just watching so I started touching her. Her breasts were so soft and I just had to suck on them. I stopped kissing Javon and focused my attention on Janette. For a few moments, it was just me and her touching and exploring each other’s body. Before I knew it, I was experiencing my first real female kiss, and I absolutely loved it. My tongue felt so right in her mouth while my fingers caressed her hard clit. Something about being with them was so right for me, I wasn’t tense, and I was in complete ecstasy.

Our fingers managed to find their way into each other’s wet openings and we were vigorously exploring, grinding, and moaning. Javon came over to me, placed his big, thick, black cock in my mouth, and began to fuck it. We all were in bliss, exchanging smiles and moans with each other. I felt a tongue on my pussy, and I instantly came. Janette was eating my pussy out, swirling around my clit and entering my juicy slit. I couldn’t believe what was happening casino firmaları to me, I had a man and his wife pleasuring me; pleasure this good has to send me to hell.

Javon’s dick repeatedly entered my mouth where I sucked as much as the long shaft as I could while trying to remain in control of my body. His beautiful wife was in-between my thighs and pleasuring me to new heights. A woman’s tongue felt so foreign on a clit that’s used to the hard and forceful licks a man offers; this was a totally different sensation, softer, gentler, and it made me cum hard in her mouth. Janette enjoyed lapping up all of my pussy juices.

“Javon, she’s so sweet, I just love eating this pussy. You really picked the right girl.” She said, to which he replied, “I’m glad you like her pussy so much baby, I knew you would.” Looking directly at me he told me, “Toni, taste Janette’s pussy, its sweet like yours and if you do it well she’s got a surprise for you.”

I was too excited to eat my first pussy and of all the pussies in the world, I wanted my first one to be Janette’s. I slowly lifted her head from my exhausted and dripping center and brought her lips to mine where I licked all of my sweet nectar off her mouth. And I have to admit I was pretty sweet, but it was her lips that made the taste of my pussy all the better. After sucking all I could off of her lips, she and I switched places. I lowered myself down to her gorgeous shaved pussy, and suddenly tensed up. I had no idea what I was doing. I touched her clit, making her shiver, and began to explore her pussy with my hands; touching, feeling, and trying to make her feel good while I explored. I lowered my mouth and placed my hot tongue on her pulsating clit.

“That’s right baby, put your mouth on my clit. I want you to make me cum!” Janette said before Javon stuck his dick in her mouth.

It felt magical and the sweetness I tasted sent shivers down my spine. I sucked her clit in my mouth and began to go to work. I wasn’t sure what she liked, so I made sure I was gentle in licking her clit and tonguing her hot pussy slit. I must have been doing a good job because no sooner than I was giving her the business did I feel her warm juices squirting out of her. “OOOOOOOhhhhhh shit! Toni fuck my cunt, I want you to fuck my cunt good! Lick up all my squirt! I’m cummmming!” She was a proficient squirter; my face was covered in her juices in a matter of minutes. I swallowed all of her that I could; it turned me on to see her cumming. She moaned loudly and thrashed about. I was actually making her cum really hard.

I looked up at Javon, who just gave me a nod of approval and a smile that showed me he really enjoyed what he güvenilir casino was watching. I looked back at Janette, she looked so hot with Javon’s cock sliding in and out of her mouth, and we exchanged smiles and even little giggles. Once Janette was all cummed out, Javon turned his attention back on me. He flipped me on my back and broke into me like an animal. He gave me no chance to get used to his massive cock working its way in my tight slit. I came within seconds; he was pounding me hard and fast. Janette was sucking on my tits and I was fondling hers.

“Oh shit, this pussy is so good Toni. Your about to make daddy cum! When I pull out I want you both to lick all the cum off of it ok.” Javon told us.

Javon pumped in me faster and harder than ever before, it felt like his dick was in my stomach and I came hard on him, feeling my juices run down my legs. This orgasm was so intense I felt the sensations arise in the back of my pelvis and slowly expand to encompass my whole entire pussy. I began shaking uncontrollably.

“Oh my god, Javon, look at Toni shake! You must be giving it to her real good, that’s so fucking hot!” Janette said.

Javon quickly pulled his dick out and me and Janette licked all of his and my cum off it. Our tongues were swirling around each other and in each other’s mouths. We were sharing his dick and we both loved it. After a few readjustments in the bed, we were all laying side by side touching each other’s bodies. The initial effects of our intense orgasms were wearing off and we were all getting very sleepy.

“Javon, you picked a great girl. I’m going to love having her around, that’s if she wants to be around. Toni, Javon and I would love it if you moved in with us and become a part of our family. I know Javon loves you very much, and I’m sorry he lied to you. But if you can forgive him and learn to love me I think that we can have a great life together.” Janette calm fully and elegantly told me.

I didn’t know how to respond. As much as I loved the night that happened, I still wanted Javon to be mine and mine only. I could tell that Janette and I would be both best friends and lovers in no time, but this was a very different dynamic that I ever expected. The silence must have been awkward because Javon spoke up.

“Toni, I’m sorry I lied to you. I never meant to hurt you but I fell in love with you and I can’t live my life without either of my wives. That’s what you are to me Toni; you’re my wife just as Janette is. I can’t tell you how sorry I am, but I do know I want my life to have you in it. My love for you now isn’t any different that it was when you thought I was single. I need you Toni, we need you.”

I agreed to become a part of their life, and it is a decision that I haven’t regretted yet. I am happier than I ever have been, I love both my “wife” and “husband,” and that first night of sex wasn’t even a prequel of all the things we did later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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