Author of Love Ch. 01

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Gwen had always written about love stories and the special love between a man and a woman. But sadly, she had yet to experience it. At the age of twenty-four, she was a busy business woman who wrote romantic novels on the side.

A born writer, she felt her social skills with the outside world were not always intact. Her focus, and always her main focus, was her literature. She was shy and timid, very socially awkward. Her dating years were long put behind her, forgetting men altogether to focus on her career.

Standing five-foot, ten-inches, she was strikingly beautiful with her long waves of brunette hair the color of rich dark chocolate, smooth ivory-colored skin, and beautiful almond shaped crystal green eyes.

She lifted her eyes from the menu and looked across the table at her best friend since childhood. Rachel was pleading, once again, for Gwen to come out for a fun weekend.

“Gwen honey, I love you… but when are you ever going to get with it? Come with me and Jake this week end, please. I promise you, you will have fun.”

“Rachel, you know I need to finish writing this chapter. I mean, with this new project Brooks gave me I wont have time to finish it before my deadline.” Gwen was trying to beg off nicely.

“You can’t hide behind your career forever Gwen. You can’t just write about love and sex if you haven’t even experienced any of it.” Rachel tried another tactic to roust her friend into coming out.

“Shh, people can hear!” Gwen was feeling her embarrassment rise.

“Then let them hear. You are twenty-four and still a virgin! Honey, now you tell me how someone who is as hot and as young as you can still be a virgin?” Rachel toyed with the prongs of her fork while waiting for Gwen’s reply.

Gwen gave a soft sigh and stared down at her half-eaten dinner roll. The truth was, she never cared for people and the only reason she tolerated Rachel and Jake was because they have been friends since middle school.

She picked up her coffee cup and took a drink, stalling for time and trying to think of a excuse to throw at her friend.

“I work, alright I mean I work a lot more then you do Rachel and I am always so damn busy with reports and projects that I am simply too exhausted to deal with a relationship of any kind.

“My writing relaxes me and keeps me sane so I don’t rip my hair out every time Brooks asks me to stay late at the office on Friday nights.”

Rachel gave a sympathetic smile and took Gwen’s hand in hers.

“Do this for me honey, please. I miss hanging out with you, my best friend, my Gwennie.”

Gwen smiled softly and gave Rachel’s hand a soft squeeze.

“Fine. I will go out with you this weekend.”

“Oh Gwen thank you! You won’t regret it. I promise.”

Rachel got out of her seat and gave Gwen a warm hug.

“My going doesn’t mean I will like it.”

“Hey! You finally agreeing to going out deserves a drink. Waiter? Could we have two martinis please?”

“Rachel, you know I don’t drink.”

“Well now is the perfect time to start!”

Groggy and heavy-headed when she woke the next morning, Gwen was soon running to the bathroom where she puked out the roast beef from dinner last night.

What was she thinking? She just lost all control last night. She was always so prepared and now here she was puking up her insides. And as she promised Rachel she would go out with her and Jake, there was no way getting out of it. She would simply have to work harder. Her life motto was work hard now work a little later.

Pulling the silk night gown over her head, she turned the shower on, sitting on the toilet until the water heated up. Out of curiosity she got up and stared at her own naked body in the mirror. Her breasts were perky and small; the nipples pink and erect.

She cupped them in her hands and imagined what it would be like if a man had touched them. She smoothed her hands down her abdomen, nearing the warm virginal lips.

She slipped a finger in, it didn’t feel as she imagined it would. She moved the finger around and let out a shocked gasp as her finger stroked her clit. She let her head fall back and played some more relishing in the feeling of complete shock and ecstasy.

Her heart raced as her breath came in gasps and goose bumps started to form on her skin. This was it… there was no going back now, with sin and her own curiosity pushing her into now going over the edge. She slipped another finger in and worked faster on her swollen clit.

With her own words from her novels playing in her head, she was living out her own fantasy. Letting out a soft cry she felt as if she were in heaven, as a climax swept through her entire body. For once, she had sexual gratification and knew what she had been missing, she yearned for more.

Stepping into the shower she closed her eyes as daydreams of the lusty affairs from her novels played each scene in her head.

The week at work was long and boring, the same act and fake smile with a nod and a good morning to each person who passed her by. By the time Friday came around she was eager antalya escort to see what Rachel had in store for the weekend.

She had just covered her computer and was locking up her desk, when the VP of Sales walked toward her.

“Gwen, I need this proposition done by three as the guys from the New York office will be down here tomorrow and I need to look it over.”

“I am sorry Mr Downes, but I cant work on the proposition. I am seeing an old friend this weekend and I was really hoping to leave work a little early today.”

“What? You’re my best man Gwen! I need you on this proposition.”

“Mr Downes sir, I have been staying late and working on extra reports for years. As sorry as i am to have to say no, would you please ask Jane to do it?”

He pursed his lips, closed his eyes, and emitted a long sigh.

“Well Gwen I guess I can ask Jane to work on it. Go on and have fun.”

She laughed and got up and gave her boss a big hug.

“Thank you Mr Downes.”

He cleared his throat and she nodded knowingly, grabbing her purse and jacket as she smiled at him and said. “Thank you very much John”

Dumbfounded, he watched her leave out the office doors. John Downes was a man in his late thirties, very business-oriented and a divorced father of two. His life was now exactly what he imagined it would be when he was studying business in college.

He considered himself a handsome man with thick black hair and blue-gray eyes. He was the spitting image of his father. His taut jaw and natural Italian bronzed skin made him all the more desirable.

He sat at Gwen’s desk and decided to check the status on the reports he had given her earlier that week. He clicked off a document file and found her on line novels, the entire page engrossed with her personal literary accomplishments. Out of curiosity he opened one up and began to read. He was not one for prying, but there was something about Gwen that made him want to know more.

The work day was over and he had already finished one story. It was terribly addicting like a soap opera of words. He was fascinated with Gwen she was proving to be not so mousy after all. He grabbed the link of her on line novels and decided to give the project to Jane before she took off. He chuckled to himself as he tried to imagine Gwen in anything except granny panties.

“Jane? I need you to write up this proposition before you leave.”

“What? But Mr Downes, surely Gwen can do this. I am going out tonight.”

“Gwen left early, so you will need to do it.”

“But…but it’s unfair Sir. I can’t. I have plans.”

“Well maybe you should cancel those plans. I want that on my desk in 3 hours.”

“But Mr Downes…”

“Three hours Jane. And by the way, I doubt Miss Torres will be stuck in this office very much, so be prepared to repay her for her years of commitment and generosity so that you can go out and get smashed. Have fun Jane.”

Smiling as he walked away, he called out over his shoulder.

“Oh yeah, Jane bring me a coffee two sugars, two cream.”

“Yes Mr Downes” She muttered under her breath.

He sat in his chair and typed in the link. He browsed through the vast list of stories to choose from. She sure had a lot of them he wondered were she ever found the time to write them. He chose a random one and sipped on his coffee ready for a deeper look into his employee’s mind.

Now at home, Gwen was surprised John had let her off early, she was even more surprised to find herself excited for the nights possibilities. She applied her makeup carefully, beautiful full scarlet lips and dark liner.

Dressing in a black mini-dress, a fitted black leather jacket and black leather knee high boots, she wasn’t sure where she was going but this outfit was a sure knockout for anywhere.

Rachel parked the car in front of Gwen’s and honked twice. Gwen popped her head out and waved. Rachel waited impatiently as she watched her friend struggle to walk in the leather boots she had bought her two years ago.

“Wow Gwen! You look hot honey.”

“Thanks Rachel you look nice too. Where is Jake?”

“Oh he couldn’t make it so I guess it’s girls night out.”

She smiled deviously and gave a quick wink.

“Oh no! Where are we going?”

“To a strip club.”

“I don’t want to see women shake their tits at me.”

“Who said it was a strip club with women?”

“Rachel! My first time seeing a guy’s penis is going to be at a strip club? Just wonderful.” Gwen sighed loudly and slumped in her seat.

Rachel threw her head back and laughed softly.

“Well Gwennie honey, what do you think girl’s night out is?”

“A movie and a pint of ice cream”

Rachel laughed again.

“Aw honey, you are so clueless.”


“Just relax you will have fun I swear. I’ve been coming to this place for years! They have some hot guys.”


With a smirk, Rachel backed out of the lot and headed for the red light district. Gwen was in for a real treat.

Gwen squirmed demre escort in her seat as she noticed the streets were becoming further spaced apart. There wasn’t very many people walking around this neighborhood. In fact there was a lot of neon signs and she even saw a few people wearing all leather outfits.

“Rachel, where the hell are we?”

“The red light district.”


“Yeah, they have some of the hottest strip clubs here.”

“Rachel, I swear sometimes I could kill you.”

“Hey! I am doing you a favor here. I am showing you the male anatomy. I think I deserve a thank you.”

“Yes thank you very much for bringing me to a sex district with perverted weirdos, to go and watch a man shake his ass.”

“What makes you think you’re not a pervert? Huh?”

“I mean, you write those stories its all about sex. Don’t try and play innocent Gwen. You have a dirty little mind.”

“My stories are about love!”

“They’re about sex, honey. Admit it.”

“No they are not!”

“Honey; romance novels are woman’s porn. If you didn’t know that, then you really are clueless.”

“Quit calling me clueless”

“I would if you weren’t… but you are.”

Gwen crossed her arms and pouted. This wasn’t going to work. She can’t possibly be going through with this. Rachel stopped the car in front of a large building. There was a neon sign pointing inside which said, ‘Boys, Boys, Boys’.

Forcing herself out she dragged her feet toward the door. The sight was so foreign to her. There were women laughing and drinking, some eating and others drooling over the men as they got lap dances.

“Hey, Rob! Get me and Gwennie a round of martinis will you?”

“Sure thing Rach. So, this is Gwen huh? Well welcome to The Club.”

“Thank you,” Gwen smiled shyly.

“She is a pretty one ain’t she Rob.”

“Oh yeah, very pretty. Like a model.”

“Should I introduce her to Mitch?”

“What is she?”

“She’s a cherry.”

“Nah, better to introduce her to Cole instead first.”

“Darn it! I should have known that’s why you’re the Master Rob.”

“Honey, I never lose. What can I say.”

“Who is Cole?”

“Gwen, Cole is a friend. Don’t worry. He will treat you right, I promise.”

“Gwen? Have fun, huh.”

“Thanks Rob was a pleasure meeting you.”

“You too sweetie.”

Rachel grabbed Gwen’s hand as they pushed past the oiled up men and the swooning woman. Walking past, all the men gave a nod toward Rachel. She smiled proudly and gave a quick nod. The entire place was loud, there was sounds of shrieking woman, classical strip music, and the sound of the DJ announcing the prices.

It had multi color neon lights and fake fog, which didn’t surprise Gwen at all. In the corner there was more women crowded around there then there had been at the front.

“Gwen? Just stay here. I am going to get my friend, alright.”

“Okay. Wait! You’re not ditching me, right?”

“No, I swear. I’m just getting a friend. Now hold on for one second for me.”


Nervously Gwen chewed on her long red fingernail as she wondered what the hell had she been thinking to agree to this. She was totally out of her comfort zone. She didn’t belong here; she belonged back at the office working on that damn proposition… not here making a fool out of herself like all these other sex deprived women.

“Cole? This is Gwen Torres, my bestie.”

Gwen looked up and saw the whole reason why the woman were crowded there… it was him. He was tall, he was rugged, he was just so damn hot. Tanned skin, perfectly chiseled face, a flat stomach with ripples of muscles.

He was like a statue of a God. His face was smooth with only the slightest bit of stubble. His eyes were a honey brown and his hair was like wheat. He had to be about 6 foot, 4-inches to Gwen’s 5 foot, 10-inches. He had huge pads of pectoral muscles and his arms were big enough to wrap around Gwen’s entire petite frame.

“Well hello Gwen,” He looked down, smiling.

“Uh… Hi,” she stumbled, impishly smiling back.

“You’re right Rachel, she is beautiful.” Cole laughed easily as his eyes meeting hers.

She looked down and shifted from right foot to left, she had only imagined guys like this. But here he was… he was real, and he was saying she was beautiful.

“Uh oh, I think I have a shy one on my hands.” He grinned looking over at Rachel.

“Gwen is shy at first but she’s a real freak. You should read her romance novels.”

“You’re a writer?”

“Yes, and Rachel? Shut up about my work.”

He laughed and tilted his head to the side and placed his hands into the pockets of his fitted jeans.

“Gwen… how about we go and get a drink on the house?”

Rachel pushed Gwen over into Cole and she bumped into his chest so her breasts pushed against his bare stomach. Gwen flushed red as she felt her nipples go hard against his muscled torso. He made nothing of it as he grabbed her by the hand and led her to a private elmalı escort room.

He shut the door behind them and they were completely alone, the sounds of the club were faint, and the only thing that could be heard was Gwen’s shallow breathing.

“I thought we could escape the craziness out there by being in here.”

Cole smiled and Gwen felt her heart beat faster and felt butterflies flap wildly in her stomach.

“Don’t you get a headache from all that party boy music?” she giggled.

“Sometimes…please sit.” He gestured to the only piece of furniture in the room which was a bed.

She sat on the edge and nervously chewed on her fingernails. Cole eased himself down beside her and smiled as he reached over to pull off her jacket.

“This dress is way too sexy to be hiding behind a jacket.”

“What about our drinks?”

“I sent Rachel to get them.”

“What did Rachel say about me?”

“Well she just said you’re beautiful, and she described how you looked to me and asked if I would come and meet you. Naturally my instinct to meet any beautiful lady brought me to you and now here we are alone.”

Ignoring the compliment she asked, “Did she say anything else?”

“She asked me to show you a few things..”

“Like what?”

“Gwen. have you ever kissed a man before?”

“Does it matter?”

“Yes to me it does”

“Well then, no. I have never actually ever kissed a guy before,” she replied embarrassed.

“Would you like to try to kiss a man Gwen?”


He smiled and looked down at his body.

“You want me to kiss you?”

“Yes, strictly for learning purposes. I’m very curious if a virgin can kiss.”

As Gwen turned to move her head away, Cole caught her face between his hands and gave her a soft melting kiss. He slowly pushed her lips open with his, and let his tongue slither inside. Then, using his knuckles he softly stroked along the side of her face, barely touching her… making her get goose bumps.

She kissed him back shyly, gasping in alarm as she felt his tongue mingle with hers as she felt herself getting moist. She tried to pull back, afraid… for she was getting turned on! Hating herself, she got more frantic with her kisses. Wrapping her arms around his neck and pushing her body against his, she felt his arousal press into her thigh. This alarmed her and she pulled away and stared at him confused.

“For a virgin, you sure can kiss.”

“You’re turned on?”

“Well, you did kiss me back and you are sexy. I couldn’t help but feel your nipples on my stomach earlier.”

Her face reddened with embarrassment.

“I shouldn’t be here,” she said more to herself than to him.

“Look; I’m just doing my job, okay? I’m getting paid here, and I wont do anything to you unless you allow me to.”

“You’re getting paid? To do what?”

“Well, Rachel asked me to take your virginity..” Cole left the sentence dangling in the air as Gwen was at a loss of what to feel next. She felt that Cole didn’t like her for her… and this made the feeling of rejection far worse than her friend’s scheme. She wiped a tear away and nodded.

“Are you alright?”

“I’m fine, thank you. Just keep the money. I’m going to go.”

“Wait, here….if you ever need me, give me a call. My price listing is on the card.”

Gwen grabbed her jacket and snatched the card from Cole. He stretched out on the bed and watched her leave, giving a sigh as he watched her tight ass walk out the door. He shouldn’t have said anything. Here he was, hard as a rock, and the sexiest woman he’d ever seen, left… crying.

He couldn’t lie to her. And it was stupid for Rachel to ever consider such a thing. It was stupid for him to ever attempt it. Man! She was beautiful! How could any guy ignore a woman like that? He was quite surprised she wasn’t married to some rich business man.

“Another day, another dollar” he sighed.

Gwen pushed through the crowd as she moved toward the door. Suddenly feeling a tug on her arm, she turned to find Rachel had grabbed her.

“Gwennie what happened?”

“You paid a man to have sex with me?”

“Honey I thought… I don’t know what I thought.”

“I’m leaving Rachel.”

“Wait Gwen! Gwen!”

Gwen ran and once she knew she was a block away, she dropped onto the pavement and cried. Was she that big of a loser that people had to pay to get someone to have sex with her? And that guy… was he only doing his job? Maybe she was clueless…

She felt stupid and embarrassed. Her whole life she’d been this loser and tonight proved she was right, she was a loser. She flipped the card over and over in her hand. Well at least Cole was honest with her.

She wiped her tears away and tried to ignore the dampness between her thighs. Despite the embarrassment, Gwen felt somewhat happy that her first kiss was done and over with. She was exploring her sexuality and it felt good. Maybe she would give Cole a call sometime, right when she needed it most.

Getting up, Gwen eventually flagged down a cab. On the entire way home she thought about Cole and how she could use him to her advantage. Sex with no commitment and no emotional involvement whatsoever, a guy who was a professional, who would take her virginity with no questions asked. It seemed simple enough to her.

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