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Thanks to my friend in the GC for finding time in his very busy week to help proof-read my story.

I hope you enjoy the story as much as I did writing it. Feel free to leave any positive criticism if you think it deserves it.

Remember that this work belongs to me and it’s not to be reproduced without my permission.

Read on friends 🙂


Celia’s neck was sore. She twisted it from side to side to release the tension as a small surge of nausea moved through her. She thought it was just tiredness causing it as she’d been run ragged at work and the demands never eased. She felt she was always chasing her tail, never making any progress at all. Her weekends were spent cleaning her neglected apartment, maybe catching up with a couple of friends for a breakfast and then it was always early nights with no space for romance. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been out on a date with anyone remotely interesting and the only action her bed had seen was the occasional masturbating she indulged in before sleeping.

The dull thudding of a headache was beginning to form and her eyes burned. The impossibly loud music didn’t help. She sighed and wondered if she could sneak away without anyone noticing. She was at her brother Simon’s party; the same party he threw every year on his birthday. In the past the parties would be an alcohol fuelled drunken mess with half-naked women lolling around the place, couples having almost-sex in corners and naked young men dive bombing in the pool. Now they were slightly older it was more conservative. The once-naked boys in the pool chose now to sit drinking trendy craft beers ignoring their barely dressed girlfriends and checking out the new barely dressed women Simon always managed to have to hand.

Celia’s brother had just turned 33, was single and still chased women as though he was 18. She loved him madly but some days his constant need to pretend he wasn’t aging made her feel very old. She caught sight of him with his arms draped around two very stunning, very young blondes. He must’ve felt her gaze because he looked over and winked at her, shrugging as if to say, “What can I do?”. She grinned back at him, she couldn’t help it, he was incorrigible.

She felt a hand on the small of her back and a kiss on her cheek. She smiled and returned the kiss, her lips brushing against stubble. It was Jim, her brother’s oldest and best friend. Jim was the only steadying influence in Simon’s life and her parents had often said that without Jim they shuddered to think of what would’ve happened to Simon.

“Darling Celia, my favourite little sister. You’re looking as beautiful as ever. How are you? It’s been ages.” Jim had to nearly shout to be heard.

Celia leaned into him and he put his arm around her, pulling her close.

“I’m good…I think,” Celia chuckled as Jim gave her a quizzical look. She shouted, “And you? How are you? Oh and the lovely Trixie! Where is she?”

Celia scanned the room for Trixie, Jim’s on-again-off-again girlfriend. They’d been together since college and while Celia thought Trixie was an obnoxious, controlling waste of womanhood, Jim had been in love with her for years and thought the sun shone out of her pert little backside. Celia couldn’t spot her nearby and that was a surprise. Usually wherever Jim was, Trixie was never too far away.

Celia felt Jim stiffen and she looked up to see him frowning, his mouth pursed tight.


Jim sighed, “She’s not here, we’ve broken up.”

“What? What did you say? You’ve broken up? Again?”

Jim acknowledged her comment ruefully, “Yes…again! For the last time I think.”

“Oh. Should I ask why?” Celia enquired, hoping that Jim couldn’t detect the thrill she felt in hearing this news. Celia had always thought he’d never been free to be himself with Trixie and she’d hoped he’d find a woman with whom he could be. As the years dragged on she’d given up hope for him.

“It’s a long story, the gist of which is that I’m weak, inconsiderate and an arse. She was quite specific about the arse bit.”

Celia wanted to laugh out loud but wasn’t sure if it was appropriate. She couldn’t tell if Jim was relieved or upset. He loved that vacuous bit of fluff he called his girlfriend and was a loyal and devoted partner. She was cautious about what she said in case Jim and the silly cow got back together again.

“I’m sorry for you. She may change her mind, she has before. I know you love her dearly. It must hurt.” Celia was tired of having to speak so loudly, of having to concentrate on everything that was being said. Her head thumped even more with the effort. Perhaps she was coming down with something?

She put her own arm around Jim and held him tight, her cheek resting in the crook of his shoulder and her other hand on his chest. She could smell his aftershave, could feel the hardness of his chest under her cheek and palm. Her heart raced erratically. Jim squeezed her tightly to him and kissed the top of her head.

“I’m not sure it does hurt this time. I don’t know, I just feel numb I think.”

Celia didn’t say anything, choosing instead to relax against this sturdy man she’d known nearly all her life. They stayed çanakkale escort that way for a while, silently watching the party-goers and Celia was glad she didn’t have to say much more. She really just wanted to go home.

Jim pulled away suddenly.

“Celia I can’t do this tonight, I’m sorry but I have to go. I have to get out of here, I feel like my head is going to explode.”

Celia nodded. “Me too. I’m not in the mood, I’m tired and have a wicked headache coming on.”

Jim looked at her questioningly. “Celia do you wanna get away? I was going to the beach house to hide for a couple of days. Do you want to join me?”

Celia grinned, “That sounds amazing. I haven’t been there for years. Are you sure you want me to? Did you want to be alone?”

Jim shook his head, “No. Well, that’s not quite true. I did want to be alone but now I think I need some company. You’re so easy to be with, it’d be good to have you there.”

Celia didn’t pay attention to that last statement, all she could think of was being far away from here and her work. This was a chance to kick back and do nothing and it was too good to pass up.

“Yes I would love that but I don’t have anything with me!”

Jim shrugged his shoulders, “Who cares? We can go to the markets tomorrow to get what you need.”

Celia’s belly flipped with excitement and for a second she questioned why. It couldn’t be at the chance to be alone with Jim as she’d never fancied him in a sexual way. He was safe, he was known to her and he felt like an extension of herself. It had to be the chance to go back in time to her teenage years, to revisit a spot that had so many memories for her. And a chance to do nothing.

She glanced at Simon who was now kissing each of the women in his arms. She grimaced, it was likely going to become one of ‘those’ nights. Jim followed her gaze and sighed.

“I do hold great fears for him sometimes.”

Celia looked at him sharply and saw the familiar smirk at the corners of his mouth. He was joking. She poked him in the ribs and pulled away.

“He’s not likely to survive a night with those two. They’ll crush him with their taut young thighs!”

Jim guffawed. They both made their excuses to Simon saying they had to leave. He was disappointed, but only briefly. The good thing about Simon was that he never held a grudge nor bothered too much about anyone other than himself. He didn’t even ask why they were leaving together.

Outside in the cooling late Summer night Celia could feel the tension leave her body, could feel the threatening headache ease. She seated herself in the front of Jim’s car, put her seatbelt on. She leaned back against the head rest and closed her eyes as Jim pulled out into the flowing Friday night traffic.

“Hey sleepyhead, we’re here.”

Celia stirred, briefly confused about where she was.

“God I’m sorry, did I sleep the whole way?”

Jim grinned and tousled her hair. “Yup and snored too for a bit.”

Celia blustered, “A lady doesn’t snore Sir, she breathes deeply.”

Jim laughed, “Well you breathed very very deeply My Lady.”

Celia laughed back at him. She’d made the right choice to get away, she already felt relaxed, something she’d not felt for a long time. She alighted from the car and paused as the fresh air enveloped her. She could hear the sound of the waves breaking gently on the shore not far away, could smell the salty damp air settling around her. She knew from experience that it would be in her hair and on her skin by morning. She loved that.

Jim opened the trunk, removing his overnight bag and a two bags of groceries. Celia felt uncomfortable for a moment, she had nothing with her, no toothbrush, no make up, not even a change of clothes. Jim sensed her unease.

“I have a change of clothes that you can borrow until tomorrow. It’s not a big deal.”

“I know. It’s just an odd feeling not having anything at all. It’s as though I’ve run away.”

Jim grinned at her, “Maybe we’ve both run away.”

Jim opened the front door of the aging weatherboard cottage and told her wait on the doorstep until he’d turned on the lights. The beach house had belonged to his late parents and now belonged to him following their death two years ago. As teens and young adults they’d all spent time here over the years that he and Simon had been friends. Celia had had more than a few holidays here when she was younger. The days had been filled with walks along the beach, swimming in the surf, kissing local boys under the pier and nursing horrendous sunburn. The beach house was filled with memories of youth, love, laughter and joy. It may well have been the two hour sleep she’d had in the car coming down here but Celia felt she’d shed her earlier malaise and could feel a calm settle over her that she’d not felt for a long while.

As light illuminated the small cottage, Celia stepped inside and breathed deep. She detected the scent of the ocean, the sun and sand, with a small amount of dust and old furniture. It was familiar and comfortable. Jim came out from a bedroom, one of the three that were off the main living area. There was a basic kitchen with a combined bathroom and laundry turkiyeninmasasi.com beyond. In the lounge area there were deep comfy sofas that edged the room looking toward two French doors that opened onto the large balcony facing the ocean. In the corner of the room was an old wood burner stove that they’d used whenever they’d visited during the cooler months. She vaguely remembered cooking beans and toast on it when there’d been a power outage. As further memories surfaced she realised, to her surprise, that a good part of her youth had been spent here.

Jim put the groceries away and turned to Celia.

“I have something you can wear tonight if you like. You can put your clothes in the washing machine so you have something to wear tomorrow.”

Celia thanked him and Jim left the room, returning with a pair of cotton pyjama shorts and an old oversized t-shirt. Celia went to the bathroom to change, putting her clothes, including her bra and knickers into the machine, setting it for a quick wash. She slid the t-shirt over her head and pulled up the shorts, using the drawstring to pull them in as tight as she could. They were still a little too loose and sat precariously on her hips. With no knickers every movement she made meant her pussy was being teased by the soft lining, in response her nipples stood taut against the shirt. Celia studied herself in the mirror. She looked tired, there were dark circles under her eyes and the beginnings of gentle lines were appearing too. Her skin looked flushed; she wondered if she was getting sick. Her lower belly ached and she felt a tingling between her thighs. She blushed hotly as the familiar feelings of arousal stirred within her. She shook her head; so, she wasn’t getting sick.

She went back into the kitchen and Jim glanced at her, his eyes widening before he hastily looked away. Celia, surprised by his reaction, glanced down; her nipples were advertising their appearance. She could feel how tightly puckered they were and could also feel her pussy lips swelling gently. Her cheeks burned hot with embarrassment. She tried to pretend nothing was amiss.

“Hey thanks for the pjs.”

Jim nodded, “No worries.”

Celia let the silence envelop them and sat at the dining table, watching Jim avoiding her. Self-consciously she pushed her shoulders forward, resting her elbows on the table, so the t-shirt wasn’t following the curves of her breasts.

“Did you want to talk about Trixie?” She asked hoping that conversation might detract from the awkwardness developing between them.

Celia didn’t particularly want to discuss Jim’s ex but she felt obliged to at least ask him if he did.

Jim took a bottle of wine from the grocery bag and tipped it in her direction. Celia nodded and he poured the liquid into two glasses.

“I don’t know that there’s much to say. She’s such a big part of my life that I can’t imagine how it will be without her in it. I know that I DO want to experience my life without her, without her controlling me, telling me how to make love to her, how to do the dishes, how to drive the car, what to think. I feel free now, for the first time in so long and I feel guilty about that too.”

Celia blinked, hoping her face didn’t show her dismay. She’d never heard this from him before but then again, had she ever asked him how he felt about Trixie?

Jim glanced at her and chuckled.

“I’m sorry. Looking at you I forget you’re Simon’s little sister. You’ve grown into such a beautiful young woman Celia. We’ve not spent nearly enough time together these last few years. I regret that.”

Celia shook her hand at him dismissively, “No it’s ok. I’ve been busy, you’ve been busy. It’s all good.”

Celia didn’t want to talk about her. She was here to get away from herself, from the city and the pressures that had seen her living a half-life with no one to share it with. She’d never been one for the white picket fence and the 2.2 children but she did wish there was someone to talk to at night, to make love to whenever the urge came upon her, to go to breakfast with. She could feel a tell-tale thudding in her temple. No, she didn’t want to talk about herself.

“Jim, I’ve always assumed you didn’t mind how controlling and manipulative Trixie was. We could see it. If you didn’t like it, why did you stay so long with her?”

Jim didn’t look at her but toyed with his wine glass. “I mistook her attention for love I guess. I was young, she’s beautiful and I didn’t think it mattered. Maybe she does love me in her own way, maybe that’s all we really need in life.”

Before Celia could explore that idea, Jim changed the subject. Maybe he wasn’t ready to deal with reality yet either.

Jim looked up at her smiling. “How long has it been since you were here last?”

“Hmm, let’s see, I think I was 19? Maybe 20? I’m not sure really. Probably 10 years or so I guess. Too long though. I’ve really missed it here. The peace and quiet, the beach, it’s all so comfortable.”

Jim nodded, “It seems as though it was only yesterday you were crying in the bathroom because that life saver kid dumped you.”

Celia groaned and dropped her head into her hands.

“Oh my God, do you have to remind me!”

She’d forgotten that moment in her life. With dread she remembered all too well the summer that she had fallen head over heels for a local boy who was volunteering as a surf lifesaver down at the beach. He’d swept her off his feet with his long sun-bleached hair, golden tan and stunning blue eyes. She’d leapt into bed with him in a heartbeat telling everyone how much in love they were. A few days later she’d discovered him fucking some lanky girl with an all-over tan at the back of the surf club. She’d fled to the cottage, locking herself in the bathroom and sobbing uncontrollably. Jim found her and Celia remembered him telling her that she wasn’t really heartbroken at all, it was her ego that had taken a battering and that she was feeling the pain of being passed over for someone else. She’d dismissed his opinion saying he wouldn’t know love if it sat on his face. He’d laughed at her and she’d hated him.

She looked back up at his grinning face and scowled. Jim was laughing at her again. Seeing her disgruntled face he pulled her to her feet, holding her into his chest, his arms loose around her shoulders. Celia felt herself melting into him, she was giddy with the intensity of it. He pulled away, looking down at her, his face soft and gentle.

“We have history and I love that about us. I was so envious of Simon having you as his sister. I longed for a sibling growing up and you were such a great friend to him and are still such a great friend to him.”

Celia pulled away, confused by the feelings that were growing inside her. She’d had her share of lovers over the years and had had a couple that were serious. None had been quite right and like Simon, she felt that she couldn’t settle into a relationship with just one person. She’d not met The One yet. Jim was like her older brother or a close friend that was asexual. She’d not ever considered him as a sexual being before. Is that what she was now feeling for him? Desire?

Jim topped up their wine glasses and took her hand, leading her out onto the balcony and onto the old swing that was tucked into the corner of the eaves. They settled onto it and sipped their wine companionably, swinging back and forth gently as the night air settled in around them, the sound of the ocean filling the silence.

For Jim he couldn’t keep his mind on his supposed broken heart. Trixie had indeed been a massive part of his life but he’d felt nothing but relief today when they’d broken up again. It was true what he’d said to Celia, he was tired of being controlled by her. He’d thought it was loving when she told him how to dress, how to behave, what to do and think. He’d thought he was doing the right thing by making love to her as she dictated but the thought that he was doing it by rote without the impassioned spontaneity of lust which is what he longed to do, made him cold. In fact, for the last year he’d taken to using medication to ensure he could keep an erection while fucking Trixie, such was the lack of desire he had for their love making. He’d spent a great deal of time conjuring up images of how he wanted to fuck her and used those to keep his momentum.

Jim had a deep urge to take a woman forcefully, with her consent but forcibly just the same. He wanted to control her orgasm, control her desire, he wanted to render her speechless, have her mewling and whimpering with the need for him. He wanted to restrain a woman, make love to her, make her give herself to him completely, spank her, devour her with his mouth, savage her with his cock…Trixie had never allowed such a thing to happen. Everything they did was controlled and measured. Sex was clean and precise, each move determined ahead of time, with the least amount of body fluid and no emotion that hadn’t been approved of or expected. He longed for emotions to overwhelm him and his lover, longed to feel the sweat and cum of them both on his skin.

Celia yawned and Jim took her glass from her.

“Come on you, lets go to bed.”

Celia followed him indoors and put her clothes into the dryer. Jim was in bed as she walked past his room.

“Good night Jim. Thanks so much for bringing me with you, I really needed this. It feels so good to get away and be here again.”

Jim smiled, “I’m glad you came with me too, I’ve missed you.”

Celia smiled and said good night again and took the bedroom next to Jim’s She shut the door behind her.

In bed Celia cupped her breasts and pulled absentmindedly on her hard nipples. She imagined Jim’s mouth covering them, suckling and biting them. Her pussy twitched and she reached her hand down into the loose shorts, her forefinger slipping effortlessly between her now pouting lips. A quick jab into her opening and she was rewarded with a sticky finger which she smoothed over her bulging clit. Sighing, she spread her legs and held her labia open as she swept her moistened finger over the sensitive nub. In her mind she was on her knees, her bottom in the air with Jim behind her, his cock thrusting into her wet cunt, his fingers digging into her ample flesh as he occasionally paused to spank her. As she neared her climax Celia imagined he’d take a fistful of her hair and yank her back toward him, her back arched, her arse pushed back toward his thrusts. She thought of him putting his hand at her throat even, bringing her to his mouth where he would bite and nip her neck as plunged his rod deep into her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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