Climax at 35,000 Feet

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She hitched up her long, purple cotton skirt to get socks on her feet. Kaylen was a nervous flyer and, somewhere along the way, had convinced herself that she needed to wear the same skirt and socks for each plane ride. They had helped her survive the last several flights; after all, it was better to be on the safe side.

“The purple skirt again, huh?” Alex asked jokingly. He was folding pants and laying them not-so-neatly into his suitcase. She shrugged, knowing he understood her anxiety, even if he did tease her a bit. His smile, always loving with an undertone of seduction, said it all.

She had never been with anyone who triggered her senses quite like Alex. The muscled curves of his shoulders, his confident gait, even the way he raised one eyebrow when he was intrigued—they all melted her. They were almost two years in, and she wondered if he would ever cease to turn her on.

“We should leave the house here in a few. Don’t want to miss the plane,” Alex reminded her.

They were flying straight from San Francisco to Europe as a congratulatory gift from her boss. Kaylen’s eye for inspiring and edgy art helped her transition quickly from desk clerk to manager and occasional buyer of art for the gallery where she worked.

This trip was a vacation, with a few side trips to art studios for potential buys. She looked forward to these two weeks with anticipation. Not only could she solidify her worth at the gallery, but she also got to be alone with her man in the sexiest countries in the world.

On the plane, Kaylen shifted in her seat, pulled the airline-issued blanket up to her shoulders, and tried to dispel the growing anxiety of being 35,000 feet in the air.

She always hated when the pilots told them how high they were. It just made their potential plummeting to the earth that much more feasible. She had been distracted well enough through the dinner and fussings of the other passengers. But now the lights were dim, the passengers all quiet, and she tried not to imagine what the view was just on the other side of the thin covering over the window.

Alex sat between her and the older man in the aisle seat. Kaylen knew Alex liked to look out the window, but he wanted her to feel comfortable. She hated small talk with the other passengers. Taking the middle seat was his way of shielding her from it. Thankfully, the man had passed out shortly after dinner.

Alex had his blanket pulled up to his shoulders. His eyes were closed, and his face relaxed as if he was already asleep. She loved watching him like this but felt her anxiety increase just knowing she was consciously alone at the moment. As if sensing her thoughts, he looked over at her and smiled. Oh goodness, what that smile could do to her. He leaned towards her and pulled out one of his blue tooth earbuds.

“Do you want to listen with me? I have something to help calm you for sleep.”

“Sure,” she said, taking the offered implement, “thank you.” Kaylen placed the mini-speaker in her ear, hitched the blanket up around her shoulders, closed her eyes, and prayed she would relax.

Alex ruffled under her blanket and placed a comforting hand on her knee.

She sighed in gratitude.

The music started quietly, and she waited for the soothing melody to get louder. Instead, sarıyer escort she heard Alex’s voice and was momentarily confused. “Relax, love, feel the warmth of my hand on your knee. The plane is quiet, and we can play.”

She opened her eyes and turned towards him. He pursed his lips in a shushing motion and winked at her, the playful intent in his eyes sparking a thrill along her skin. She grinned back, turned her head away, and closed her eyes.

As his words filled her ears, his fingers slowly inched the skirt up her leg until his hand touched her flesh. Warmth spread quickly up her thigh. She listened to the soft music, waiting for the resonance of his voice to return.

His hand trailed delicate circles along her thigh, moving slowly towards her growing wetness. She wasn’t sure how far he was going to let his hand wander. While her shyness of the surrounding people made her want to shut him down, her clitoris began to throb in anticipation.

Kaylen felt everything between her thighs—lips, bud, and all—swelling slowly as Alex’s hand tickled the hair covering it. She was never one to wear panties with long skirts, something Alex appreciated.

“Scoot your sexy ass to the edge of the seat and bring your feet up as well.”

Kaylen’s eyes flew open, and she looked around. The voice had come from the recording, but Alex was smiling seductively at her.

She leaned forward to see that the man next to him was beginning to drool. The others around her seemed asleep or lost in their own musings. She did as he suggested, exposing herself fully to his hand.

Alex gently flicked a finger across her swollen clit.

She stifled a whimper, instinctively thrusting herself towards him.

His finger slid into her, long and smooth, and Kaylen fought the urge to push rhythmically into it.

She was grateful the plane was quiet, and most people seemed asleep, but she knew how tentative that could be.

His finger slid slowly back out. Kaylen wanted to moan with pleasure but settled on gripping the edge of the seat next to her feet. She could feel the wetness growing with each slow thrust. The heel of his hand pressed against her bud and began to make circular motions. Oh, this was too much.

“Remember that time in the hotel in Portland?” Alex’s recorded voice spoke into her ear. “I had you pressed against the bathroom sink. I slid my tongue down your back. You shivered the whole way. When I reached your crevice, I kept going down. Remember my hands grabbing your deliciously fleshy cheeks and spreading them so I could plunge my tongue into your ass?”

Kaylen did remember. That had been a first for her and incredibly exquisite. She wondered briefly if anyone would notice if he put his head under the blanket now. Of course, they would.

Alex pulled his finger from her throbbing pussy, leaving a wet trail along her thigh as he leaned forward to rummage at their feet. The music continued to play. She wondered if this was it. If perhaps she was supposed to have come by now, and there was no more.

She was not in a comfortable place for him to stop, so close to climax that if she didn’t get a release, she would be more agitated than before. Kaylen tugged at his arm, but Alex just turned esenyurt escort to her and winked. She took a moment to glance around and be sure that those in their vicinity were sleeping.

The man next to Alex had shifted but was still tucked away in dreamland. She hoped he was anyway. The plane hit a few bumps and jostled the passengers a bit. Kaylen’s eyes widened in fear.

“We’re okay. Turbulence is normal,” Alex, still rummaging quietly at her feet, spoke to her in real-time. His soothing voice reached her unplugged ear, and she tried to relax.

Alex sat back. He now turned his body towards her, his back a barrier to the rest of the plane. He adjusted the blankets around them again as best as he could with one hand. She helped pull the blanket up over his shoulder, wondering what he had been doing at their feet. It wasn’t long before she found out.

His voice finally came back over the earbud, and his arm pressed gently against her belly for better access. He used his fingers to rub her lips, stoking the growing heat, then spread them, so her pussy was open and available.

“I know it’s not the size you’re used to, but I had to keep it small to get on the plane.” With these recorded words, Kaylen felt his other arm squeezing through her bent leg, brushing along the back of her raised thigh and dislodging her foot from its place. She had to hold up her leg as a lubricated, silicone cock slid into her pussy.

He was right, it was not the size of his cock, but her pussy needed it.

“Besides,” his voice continued, “people would more likely see. If they looked at us now, would they know I’m fucking you with a dildo?”

Kaylen’s internal horror of being touched like this in a public space was silenced by her body’s desperate need to be penetrated. She began to rock her hips forward, melting into the rhythm of Alex’s voice and the fake cock.

“I love when I’m inside you, and you put your feet on my shoulders. Your pussy gets so tight. Then I slowly push my cock into your tight, wet cunt.”

Kaylen could hear the sounds of Alex rubbing himself in the recording. The image of him masturbating as he recorded this sent tingles of desire down her arms. She wanted to reach into his pants and grip his cock, but that would draw too much attention. She focused on the sensations of being fucked slowly. Her need increased. She rocked her hips faster, trying to hit the cock harder.

Alex’s hand put pressure against her to calm her movements. He leaned towards her ear, the one free of the earbud, and whispered, “You’re so wet. People can hear if you move like that. I know it’s hard, baby, but you have to move slowly. I promise I’ll make it up to you when we get there. I’ll lay back and let you ride my cock as hard and fast as you want. But here, you have to be discreet.”

He had stopped moving the dildo.

The plane took a sudden dip, and Kaylen’s heart rose to her throat. She gripped the armrest with her hand. People around her started to shift as if they were waking.

“Kaylen,” Alex’s hand drew her attention. He said nothing more, just pushed the silicone dick further into her, hitting her sweet spot.

Forgetting the plane and the people, she nudged her hips forward in frustration to get the rhythm started avrupa yakası escort again. He chuckled quietly and slowly pulled the dildo out before sliding it back in with the same frustratingly slow tempo.

Kaylen wanted to cry for a moment with the pent-up urge to climax. Her pussy was wet and swollen and throbbing. This was not helping her relax but working her into even more of an agitated state.

The plane jerked to the right. The man beside Alex coughed suddenly, but momentarily his quiet snores began again.

Kaylen wanted, no needed, Alex to properly fuck her with this dildo, but surely they were becoming too obvious. She heard the flight attendant’s voice not too far behind them. Oh no! They were going to get caught!

Then Alex drew his fingers up slowly along her lips and gently tapped on her bud. The simple movement caused her to jerk and reminded her that, of course, Alex wouldn’t leave her like this. He would take care of her.

The plane began to sidle back and forth in a rocking motion, and Alex tapped his finger in a rhythm to match. He continued to slide the dildo in and out of her pussy with increasing tempo.

The pilot’s voice came on over the intercom to assure the passengers the turbulence was typical and they would be out of it soon.

Kaylen didn’t mind. She just needed to come before anyone saw them.

Alex seemed to sense her urgency. He increased his pressure and rubbed in a few brief circles before shifting smoothly into a steady back and forth motion and pushing the dildo in deep.

Kaylen’s swollen clit reached its pleasure peak and sent explosions throughout her body. Her pussy clutched spasmodically at the fake cock. Sensations flooded her, and she clasped the edge of the seat. She tried not to move or make a sound as the orgasm ripped through her body. Kaylen clenched her teeth to avoid calling out.

“Is everything okay here?” the flight attendant’s voice broke through her dissipating waves. Kaylen kept her eyes squeezed shut, trusting Alex to cover for her.

“Oh yeah.” She felt him shift carefully. He had deftly released the dildo with one hand to grip it with the other so he could turn towards the attendant. “My girlfriend is really uncomfortable with flying. The turbulence is hard for her.”

Kaylen let out an unintentional whimper of laughter and embarrassment. She would be horrified if they got caught.

Thankfully the attendant didn’t seem too fazed, “Well let me know if there is anything I can do to make her more comfortable.”

“I will, ma’am, thank you.”

The conversation had roused the man in the aisle seat. Fortunately for Kaylen, he didn’t linger but got up to use the bathroom.

Alex quietly removing the dildo from Kaylen. He rummaged again at their feet; she assumed to put away the toy. His hand reached up to touch her again, and she jumped from the suddenness. Before she could tell him they would for sure get caught, she felt a soft cloth wiping away the juices and lube from folds. Alex really thought of everything.

Kaylen noticed the plane was still jiggling back and forth, but she found that she didn’t care. At the moment, she was succumbing to the exhaustion that came from the surge of adrenaline and pleasure.

Alex settled into his seat again, leaned onto her shoulder, and whispered, “Sleep well, baby.”

She turned to him and smiled, “Thank you, love, I will. I need to rest up for that ride at the hotel.” With that, she winked at him, closed her eyes, and promptly fell asleep, unfazed by the movement of the plane or the knowledge that they were 35,000 feet in the air.

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