Mom Bent Over

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Mom Bent Over

I came home early because practice was cancelled. I was not sneaking around but apparently I had not made any noise either. As I passed Mom’s bedroom the door was open. Mom was naked and bent over, with one of her shoulders pressed against one of the canopy bedposts. Mr. Jenkins from down the street was fucking her hard and fast from behind. Her long flabby tits were swinging all over the place as she hung on for dear life. If she wasn’t careful she could give herself a black eye. Mr. Jenkins was older and fatter than my father was and his cock was smaller too. Then it dawned on me that his cock was in Mom’s ass. That bastard was butt-fucking my mother…and she loved it. I stood there for a good five minutes watching them fuck.

Mom had always loved her big king sized canopy bed with four posts that went almost to the ceiling. There was a cloth roof over it and silk curtains that hung down. Those curtains were almost always tied back to the corner posts. In this case I was glad because they blocked her view of me. Besides her head was on the far side and to top it off she was extremely busy…having anal sex with the old fat guy from down the street.

I stood perfectly still so as not to catch his eye but it probably didn’t matter any since Mom had his full attention. She had been talking constantly. She said things like, “Your wife likes it when I eat her pussy.” “You feel much better in my ass than my husband does.” “Take your time big boy, my son won’t be home for another hour.”

Mr. Jenkins finally held her tight, shoved his cock into her ass as far as he could, and filled her with cum. His tiny dick slipped out and he backed away from Mom. She spun around, dropped to her knees, and started sucking on his cock, the same one that just slipped out of her ass. That was when Mr. Jenkins saw me standing in the hall looking at him.

He tapped Mom’s head and said, “I thought you said that he wouldn’t be home for another hour.”

She just shifted her eyes toward me, then she slipped her lips off his cock, and said, “Hi honey, I’ll just be another minute.” Then Mom went back to sucking his cock.

I stood there not moving until she was done. Mr. Jenkins picked up his clothes and walked past me on his way to the front door.

Mom stood up and said, “I Rus Escort hope you enjoyed yourself. I’ve had an audience before but it is usually the guy’s wife not my own son. Did you like what you saw? Do you want to fuck me? You can if you want too, I don’t mind.”

I asked, “Mom are you a whore?”

Mom laughed and said, “No honey, I’m just a frustrated housewife whose husband doesn’t satisfy her anymore and I’m not alone either.”

Interested I asked, “You’ll let me fuck you and…there are other women out there like you?”

Mom laughed again and said, “Yes honey, are you interested now?”

Now what horny fourteen-year-old boy would pass up a chance to loose his virginity, fuck his own horny mother, and possibly fuck other horny women too? Of course I said, “Yes, get on your back and hold your legs up, like I’ve seen on the Internet.”

I got out of my clothes and got between her legs. I shoved my cock into her pussy and grabbed onto her nipples. If she wanted to act like a whore I would treat her like one. I pinched and twisted her nipples as hard as I could. She cried out and I filled her with my cum. It was fantastic. I would never forget my first time.

I pulled out and asked, “Who are these other frustrated housewives?”

Mom laughed and said, “Mrs. Jenkins for one. Her husband would rather fuck me than his own wife. That’s why she comes over here and begs me to lick her clit for her. She munches on mine pretty good too but I really like a good hard cock. By the way you’re hard again, which hole do you want this time?”

She was still holding her legs up and I was still in position so I stuck it in her ass like Mr. Jenkins had. It was wet and it felt tighter than her stretched out pussy had. I was going to let her suck me off just as soon as I pulled it of her ass. I liked the idea. It was dirty and sometimes sex should be dirty, at least that was what one of the older boys at school had told me once.

I did cum in her ass and she did suck me off. I had lost my virginity and fucked Mom in all three holes but I wasn’t done with her yet. I wanted to fuck her big floppy tits but Dad came home from work. We both got dressed as if we had been doing something that we shouldn’t have, but it really didn’t matter since Dad had grabbed two beers and was Sincan Escort sitting in front of the television when we got downstairs.

I decided to help Mom with dinner. It wasn’t a gesture of kindness it was so that I could feel her up while we worked. At first she seemed uncomfortable with my advances but quickly decided that I wasn’t about to let Dad catch me and spoil a good thing. She was wearing tight blue jeans but I could feel her warm pussy against my hand. The best part was that she was wearing a loose T-shirt and no bra. I could not believe how soft her tits were. They hung halfway to her belly button. She had long nipples too and I pulled on them as if I were milking a cow.

I offered to help her with the dishes but she told me to go up to my room and play with my computer. I would rather play with her, but I went up anyway.

I was looking at Internet porn and stroking my cock when Mom knocked on my door and entered.

She smiled and said, “Your father is going to be busy for a while. A football game just started. What would like to do.”

I just said, “I’d like to tittie fuck you this time.”

Mom smiled and removed her T-shirt. She got on my bed and let me sit on her tummy. She pressed her tits together and I slipped my cock between them. It felt interesting, there was just enough friction, and it didn’t take me very long to cum all over her upper chest. I watched as she scooped some of it up with her fingers and sucked it into her mouth before sucking my cock clean.

Mom said, “My friends are really going to love you. That’s four times in four different places in less than four hours.”

I asked, “Can I fuck Mrs. Jenkins tomorrow after school?”

Mom smiled and said, “I’ll ask her to come over.”

Mom picked up my cell phone, dialed a number, and said, “Hi Linda this is Molly. How would you like to let my son fuck you tomorrow after he comes home from school?” There was a pause, “He sure can.” Another pause, “Yes he did, four times in less than four hours.” Another pause, “Yes, after your husband lubricated it for him.”

Mom hung up and said, “She will be here early. She has been thinking about you a lot lately. Apparently she saw you playing with yourself a month ago when she was on her way to the bathroom. Remember, Sıhhiye Escort she and her husband were over here playing cards with your father and I.”

I remembered them being here but I didn’t remember Mrs. Jenkins catching me jerking off.

School dragged but just soon as that last bell rang I was out of there like a shot. I ran home and flew into the house. I called out and Mom’s voice told me that they were in my bedroom. The door was open and both women were naked on my bed.

Mom said, “I’ve got her all warmed up for you.”

Mrs. Jenkins said, “Come here and give it to me all you want. Your mother will cover for us. We have a good six hours if you want me that long.”

I said, “I’ll need your panties and a picture of you naked. You too Mom. I’m starting a collection.”

Mom smiled and picked up two pair of panties off the floor. She handed one pair to Mrs. Jenkins. I got my digital camera and took a picture of them both holding up their panties. Then I took one of just Mom and then one of Mrs. Jenkins. Mrs. Jenkins tossed her panties at me and then she laid back, opening her legs up for me. I took another picture of her like that. Mom did the same thing. Then they started making love while I continued to take pictures of them. It was far better than the Internet porn that I been used too.

When Mom finally got off Mrs. Jenkins I got right in there and started fucking her pussy. She loved it, she cried out, and she had an orgasm. She couldn’t thank me enough. In between me fucking her, she and Mom started making mental lists of other women that were in need of my services.

They mentioned Mrs. Emerson from our church. I knew her daughter Gina. Gina was a year behind me in school and she was pretty. I had had fantasies about fucking Gina but I wouldn’t pass up her mother that was for sure.

I asked, “Can I fuck Mrs. Emerson tomorrow after school?”

Mom said, “I’ll give her call while you entertain Linda.”

We sucked and fucked for an hour before Mom came back. She told me that Mrs. Emerson would here when I got home the next day. Then she told me that I was to bring Gina home with me. Mrs. Emerson wanted me to take her daughter’s virginity and then fuck them both together. Mom also said that they were going to be wearing their prettiest panties and that they were willing to pose for me. Gina would have spent the night but both of our fathers would have wondered what was up with that. Damn it! I would have loved to spend the night in bed with Gina but Mom said that I would get my chance some day soon.

The End
Mom Bent Over

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